What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hello everyone. I'm writing this at 12.49am on the Friday, mainly because I'm still doing the whole polyphasic sleep thing, and I'm really, really toiling. Finding it really hard to stay awake. Now's as good a time as any to start the working day — right? Anyway, what are you guys playing this weekend...

...that's as far as Mark got before he presumably slumped over in exhaustion. I'm picturing his face mashed against the keyboard, drool getting in between the keys, probably not wearing pants. The system is warning me that "Mark Serrels is currently editing this post", but I'm going to go ahead and finish this for him.

Last weekend, Mark was doing the crazy drive back to Sydney from Melbourne, but I think he's been working his way though Max Payne 3 this week. I won't be playing any games because I have no games to play and no console to play them on. I had to get rid of everything when I moved to Canada, including my Xbox, Kinect and PS3 (the PS3 wasn't even mine). So the closest I get to gaming these days is reading about it on Kotaku. Oh, wait, I played this cool fireworks game called PyroTouch on my boyfriend's iPhone the other day. Does that count? Have you guys seen Indie Game: The Movie yet? Highly recommended viewing if you're interested in what goes on behind the scenes of game development.

What are you playing this weekend?

Image: PyroTouch


    Mark has moved to a higher plane where pants aren't needed.

      Pants are never needed.

        I'm not wearing any right now.

          What are these pants people talk about? Is it the reason i get stares at work?

      Pants? Roads? Where we're going, we don't need pants or roads.
      Pantsless on a higher plane, baby.

    Beneath a Steel Sky! Looking forward to exploring Union City/Dystopian Sydney some more.

    Maidens Avatar Creator Deluxe for Android. It's way too addictive...
    As for real games, I'll probably play some more Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword, and maybe some TF2 too.

      Ooh. I'm always on the lookout for Android games.


      That's a fun game. Always a challenge to 100% it, normally I give up halfway and just start over.

        I *should* be able to save everything. A while ago, I thought it was on the way out, so I unraided them and set them to mirror. Even if 1 is dying, the other is an exact copy.
        I went ahead and just bought a 120gb SSD and 2tb SATA drive anyway.

          I had 2 fail within the space of a week :'( lost like 300or so gig. Haven't been able to save them as they just stopped, no dying period for them. hope you get to save your stuff!

    GTA IV (for the first time ever), Quantum Conundrum and maybe some TF2!

    For some retro, spin my head craziness, I downloaded Sega's Alex Kidd on xbox live. I think I might fire that one up, get a red cordial, then remember how hard it was and give up!

      I sat down and made it through on one life until that goddamn forest with the spike pits, where I immediately died 6 times in a row. >:(

    Still progressing (slowly) through Dead Space impossible difficulty. Got stuck at a part in chapter 7 last night that I must have replayed 20 times before I finally got past it. Doing really well with ammo and health so far too. Haven't needed to buy any!

    I'll be watching the Wimbledon Finals and Mark's descent into madness, followed by his subsequent return to awesomeness.

    And I dunno, playing Trials Evo and Diablo III in there somewhere too. As per usual.

    Hoping to finish Shadow of the Colossus this weekend and the campaign for at least one of the races in StarCraft.

    It's going to be a fun weekend full of destroying something beautiful and squishing 'lings.

    I'll probably be seeing more movies than cutscenes this weekend, but I hope to spend some time playing either super smash bros brawl, Zack and Wiki or Super Mario Galaxy with my girlfriend, in an attempt to get her playing the Wii she purchased about a year ago.

    I'll probably start Uncharted 3 today, otherwise I'll continue my co-op Legendary run through Halo Anniversary to get the crazy achievements (beat Library in under 30 mins \o/), and continue with Shadows of the Damned and Shadow of the Colossus.

      There are ways of doing the library without having to deal with the flood

        I'm aware, but it's more fun killing them all.
        Already got the achievement, now going for the 'don't kill any grunts' and 'don't change weapons' achievements on Two Betrayals.

    No LoL for me this weekend since my computer is in for warranty . Continuing to work through Class of Heroes; 10 hours in and my characters are not even level 5 yet and most still have their default gear. This game is just mean.

    Also: The Guardian Legend on the NES, oh yeah!

    Minigames galore in Clone Wars Adventures.

    What? Don't judge me... >_>

    Some Motorstorm Apocalypse and maybe Skylanders.

    I might try and finish deus ex HR, i'm right near the end (i think) **SPOILER ALERT** where you have to open the big computer thing and take out the girls trapped inside.

    I have a ton of illustration work to do though, i just wish drawing gory zombies was my full time job, ah well one day...

    Goldeneye Reloaded and Castlevania Lord of Shadows

    Picked up Project Zero 2 Wii Edition yesterday & really looking forward to shitting myself!
    Also grabbed Lego Star Wars 3 on ps3 this week for gaming with the girlfriend. Any time in between will spent playing Metal Gear Solid HD on my Vita:)

    Finish SotC, Bastion NG+, then maybe crack open something from the medium list: L.A. Noire, Alice Madness Returns or Deus Ex HR.

    Xmas in July this weekend so I'm setting up the MAME cabinet for the 11 nieces and nephews to try and break. Lots of Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros and Bomb Jack. If they prove worthy there might be some SF2 tournaments. Great excuse to re-live the glory years

    I'm going to try and finish off Prototype 2, beat McGarnical at Outwitters, replay Walking Dead episode 2, and maybe start on Darksiders.

    Clearing up the rest of Dad's scores in Lollipop Chainsaw, then probably some Atelier Totori and I might as well finally start Red Dead Redemption.

    With your comment about not owning the PS3 it occurs to me that I haven't paid for one of my consoles... PS3 was a 'gift' from mum's new partner trying to win my affection, Xbox360 came free from the in-laws dental surgery (lol) and the Wii is my brother-in-law's. I'm doing well!
    Also, playing Uncharted GA and Driver SF multiplayer. Simultaneously.

    Mass Effect 3, with the extended ending... It's going to be great to be disappointed again!! :p

    Anyway, it's Shameless Gaming Month and from the other thread I set myself 4 games to play through out...

    From 2009 – Brutal Legend (I didn’t get that far into it, so the game hadn’t ‘changed’ for me)
    From 2010 – Darksiders (with the sequel coming up and looking great, I need to start the original)
    From 2011 – Shadows Of The Damned (again with the release of Lollipop Chainsaw, another I need to start)
    HD Classic – Ratchet & Clank (this collection should be out by the end of June, so I will play through the original again)

    I've started Ratchet & Clank HD and will look at starting another this weekend also, perhaps Shadows as that should be over the fastest.

    That being said, I have recently got my 2nd PS3 back and loaded that up with all my Rock Band DLC and repatched Gran Turismo 5, as I haven't touched these games in well over 6 mths, I reckon I'll end up playing these the most! lol

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