While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. I have my Pepsi Max. Life is good. It's time for the morning wrap up. It's time for While You Were Sleeping.

Anyone here play Dear Esther? I did and I loved it. The team behind the reinvention of that game is now putting together a new game, and it all sounds quite intriguing. Apparently it's kind of a homage to 60s/70s British Sci-fi. I am interested. Very interested.

There are blind spots in my video game knowledge. Kingdom Hearts is one of them. Quite simply, it's not my thing and I don't expect it ever will be. But I like this idea — a beginner's guide to Kingdom Hearts. If you want to learn about the game, this is the place.

Jay-Z is apparently an Executive Producer on NBA 2k13. Urgh. I like Jay-Z. A lot. But urgh. E3 is staying in LA. Urgh x2. Finally, this is our Orcs Must Die 2 review.

In Short What The Hell Is Kingdom Hearts? A Beginner's Guide To Square Enix's RPG Series Now That Dear Esther Is Done, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Jay-Z Is Executive Producer Of Basketball Video Game NBA 2k13 E3 Stays In Los Angeles Through 2015 Dammit Orcs Must Die 2: The Kotaku Review


    Hey Mark,
    On the talk amongst yourself page, maybe you could reset the chat thing, as its a bit hard for anyone new to it to find out what people are talking about?

    Also what ever happened to that aussie company that was making voxels?

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