Community Review: Sleeping Dogs

Community Review: Sleeping Dogs

So tempted to use the PC release of Dark Souls as an excuse to gush about that game for a few paragraphs, but I’ll resist! One of the games that seems to be getting the most attention recently is Sleeping Dogs, so let’s talk about that for a while shall we?

I first layed eyes on Sleeping Dogs back when it was still a True Crime game, and Activision was the publisher. Back then it was an open world game that focused on combat, and nothing much seems to have changed since then. To be perfectly honest I haven’t had enough time to play much of game yet, but I’m hearing good things. Everyone seems to be pleasantly surprised.

What about you guys and girls? I’ve been hearing plenty of chatter around this game — the combat in particular seems pretty well polished. They even got pound-for-pound MMA monster Georges St. Pierre involved. Is it worth investing a decent amount of time? Should I wait for the millions of games coming out in the coming months instead?



  • I have had fun with it so far, I bought it on an impulse from a CDKey site for 25 bucks and I would say it has been worth it.

    The PC version has had a lot of effort put into it, It could use a little optimization but overall its a very solid port.

  • I’ve been enjoying it. The combat sucked at first because I kept dying but I’ve been levelling up, learning new moves and as a last resort bringing guns to a fistfight so I’m pretty much untouchable now.

  • The very first impressions are that the on foot controls are a little clunky. After a while they gel and you realise they’re very good, infact, possibly the best out of the GTA, Saints Row style games out there. The way you can vault over everything seamlessly aids in the whole feel of being uninterrupted in your movement. Not quite AC in its free flowing but close. The camera *does* get jarring and annoying though, especially when driving, it sometimes goes schizophrenic and requires a lot of patience. Fighting is splendid. At first without any upgrades it feels vanilla and underpowered, when you get your first upgrade and start really kicking arse you realise what a powerhouse Wey is and hunger for your next upgrade and really strive for it. The minigames are varied and fun and don’t feel ‘shoehorned in’. Karaoke and racing are well implemented. The ram button in driving is an odd choice, very arcadey and makes SD feel original, but possibly makes driving a little too easy to win races (hold forward keep tapping ram repeatedly for a mini nitro boost and you’ll overtake others in no time) the plot is cliche but very cool. It’s great playing an undercover cop, it’s great to see the cops aren’t 100% holier than thou, that the criminals aren’t 100% evil, there’s a great sense of Infernal Affairs I and II about it (or THE DEPARTED if youve never seen them, the american remake) which bodes well for it. Overall, a fantastic game and a must play. Glad it was never part of the True Crime series honestly, 2 sub par games that should never be put in category with this game.

    • Everyyhong you said us spot on with how I feel about the game. The only thing I would add is that I am not a fan of the current DLC and would like to see some extra missions or even a side story in upcoming DLC.

  • If anything it’s too short. I finished it in less than 15 hours and that’s collecting most of the items swell.

    • That’s at least 45 times longer than it should be, I cant tell you how frustrating it gets sometimes when the game I paid for lasts more than a few minutes. What happens if a bird or something fly’s past the window and I need to go chase it?

    • You must plan stuff out on a spreadsheet to optimize your game or something, I’m sitting at 13 hours and haven’t even gotten the achievement for doing half the stuff yet.

      • I’m at about 16 hours and just got that achievement around the 15 hour mark I reckon. But keep in mind that’s everything – collectibles, favours, races, drug busts, etc. You’re probably further through the story than you realise.

  • I don’t usually go for GTA-style open world stuff, the only one to have remotely engaged me was Red Dead Redemption. That said, I’m absolutely hooked with this. It’s got some frustrating elements – the fat grappler guys tend to take a few too many hits to take down esp. since you can’t easily grapple them, for example – but the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. It captures a feeling of [i]place[/i] like no other game I’ve played. Having spent some time in Hong Kong I have to say they’ve nailed the city really well. The controls take some getting used to, directional movement is quite twitchy and you need a pretty delicate touch when driving, but after a bit it really gels. Voice acting is really good too.

    It’s not quite a Rockstar-level production but it’s nearly there. I’m playing on PC as well, and finding the port is extremely good. Steam download doesn’t include it by default, but there’s an extra 4gb high res textures pack which makes the game absolutely pop, and if you’ve got the rig to run everything (I’ve got the GPU but not the CPU unfortunately) it really looks amazing. Plus no Australia Tax on Steam.

  • I’m still interested in this game, but I have so many new titles (and old ones, thank you Steam sales…) barely touched that I’m trying to hold off buying more games.

  • I like when dogs are awake, because they’re all “HEY COME AND PLAY AND LOVE ME!” which I totally do, but I understand they have to sleep sometimes, just like me.

    • Man, you are lucky that your dogs are not working dog breeds (IIRC).
      My one is half and she is all
      Whenever you go outside, or get up from a chair, or whenever you move in general, even if it’s 1AM.

      When my dog sleeps, it is the only moments reprieve I get.
      10/10, Sleeping Dogs.

  • I finished it the other day, absolutely loved it. The combat was so fun. And it was nice to play in a city that wasn’t american.

  • It’s a good solid “open world” style game – almost everything in it was well done but the whole experience left me a little cold; it lacked that playfulness that some other titles offer.

    Looked great on the PC.

  • I’m finding the controls and camera to be a little frustrating on PC but the graphics and story are supreme. I can only run it around 20-35fps maxed out but it’s still one of the better looking games out right now.

    Good fun!

  • Awesome game, plays out like a well told John Woo film, controls are a bit clunky for walking, but it has a Roadrunner Records radio channel with no Nickleback on it, plus I heard some Thin Lizzy while channel surfing. I can’t believe any of these games have let us listen to the music on the car radios via the mobile phones they all have in them while walking around.

  • Finished it last night and really quite enjoyed it though having been a longtime fan of Hong Kong cop films and dramas I found the ending to be rather predictable and a little anti-climatic. Camera is really annoying though and why is there no camera zoom option? Graphics are nice except for one thing; I understand Hong Kong is quite humid and hot but all of the characters seem to be coated in an oily sheen that’s quite off-putting. Love the driving, the ram mechanic is inspired and should be put in more games like this and loved the combat as well.

  • I am about 5 hours in and I am having a blast. I’m playing it on a PC and it looks great. I thought walking felt a bit odd at first, but I have since gotten used to it. I love the free running, chasing parts. The kung-fu combat is a really great part of the game. The voice acting is good and the story is entertaining. I was totally glad I got it for $25 on a CDKEY site. Actually one of my favourite games of the year so far.

  • Game piqued my interest when it got some press a few months before release, so I did what I rarely do and pre-ordered, and it delivered. Hong Kong feels more alive than most open world games have managed (particularly the first district), good graphics, engaging story and characters, PC optimisation and a fair Aussie price. Nailed just about everything that I look for in a good game, and driving on the left was a bonus.
    Problem with terrible camera controls and so-so gun control/battles, but they’re minor points once you adapt to them. Also, while it would have been criticised without having guns or gun missions, the strongest parts by far were the hand to hand combat and could have almost survived on that alone.

  • Thumbs up from somebody who can speak Cantonese. Makes the game pretty funny in all the wrong places though 🙂

  • Hey, I’m playing this on the laptop, and I can’t zoom in on my camera cause I don’t have a scroll wheel, what do I do?

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