Oh, Link And Mario, How You've Grown!

The years have flown right by. Think about your first time to play a Zelda or a Mario title. You've changed. But so have Link and Mario.

Next January, Japan's Medicom is releasing a trio of Mario and Link "Ultra Detail" figurines. They measure about 2.3 inches tall and are priced at ¥730 (US$9).

For Mario, there are Classic Mario, Tanuki Mario, and NSMB Mario. For Link, there are Classic Link, Wind Waker Link, and Skyward Sword Link (not pictured). Line all of them up on your desk for evolution fun.

New "Ultra Detail" figure set from Medicom is a long-time collector's dream [Video Game Memorabilia Museum]

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    *grabby hands* Gimme-gimme-gimme-gimme-gimme!

    So cool. I'm keeping my eye out for these!

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