Rumour: First ‘Leaked’ Kinect 2 Image Shows Fingers And Head Patting

Rumour: First ‘Leaked’ Kinect 2 Image Shows Fingers And Head Patting

An image that allegedly shows off Kinect 2 has hit the internet. It not only shows improved depth perception, but a higher level of detail — such as being able to read people’s fingers and discern clothing. There’s head patting, too.

Microsoft has not confirmed the image, but it does come from Twitter user SuperDaE, who according to Eurogamer, is known to have a development kit for the next Xbox.

The next Xbox is codenamed Durango, which Kotaku first revealed, and there are rumours it will be bundled with Kinect 2.

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft and will update this post should the company comment.

Durango Kinect anyone? [Twitter]

Kinect 2: Alleged first image leaks online [CVG]

Kinect 2 image outed by “genuine” Durango devkit source [Eurogamer]


  • I love the technical sweetness of kinect – it’s a great and relatively cheap sensor package – and any improvements to the system are welcome, but as a gamer the complete lack of games that one actually WANTS to play makes it nothing but yet another pheripheral that you’ll use a couple of times for novelty value and then it’ll gather dust.

  • Agree. Do not want!
    But I will have no choice as its going to be builtbintonthecdamn box itself.
    Unfortunate really.
    Oh wells.

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I *think* the source for this pic *may* be a guy called superdae, possibly on twitter.

  • If they HAVE to do Kinect 2, and it seems like they do, I hope it’s not built into the console. My consoles are all off to the side of my screen and side-on to my body – I don’t want to have to reorient my room just to use it.

  • With this technology it will finally possible to control a game with your…umm…”joystick”. Frequent “shotgun reloads” could be messy amd speed runs will be nothing to brag about

  • @stu

    it wouldnt be built into the console, plain and simple. it will be the same as kinect 1.0, look very similar and have higher resolution IR and RGB cameras

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