While You Were Sleeping

Yes Murray. Yes! I am tired this morning. For the right reasons. Last night I stayed up to watch Andy Murray completely decimate Roger Federer to win Olympic gold! Yeah! But anyway — video games. Let's get back to (virtual) reality.

Well, I guess we can continue to talk about the Olympics for a little while. Particularly since there were a couple of cool video games stories that sort of revolved around Olympians. This one is my favourite — remember the gymnastics competitor who put together an amazingly choreographed performance set to a Zelda medley? Well we have a great guest blog from her sister. Amazing stuff.

And also, in that same vein we have this story. How a stupid controller helped this guy's brother win a silver medal. Brilliant.

Remember QWOP? How could you forget. Seems like the creator of that game has built a new one. Featuring unicorns. EA is suing Zynga. Wow. And this is how Max Payne's miserable life still looks cool.

In Short This Stupid Controller Helped My Brother Win A Silver Medal My Awesome Sister Is The Zelda Gymnast And Yes, She's A Lifelong Gamer QWOP Creator Gives Players A New Awkward Unicorn Quest Once Again EA Is Trying To Be The Big Friend On Video Gaming's Playground Max Payne's Miserable Life Still Looks Cool


    What's worth more in your opinion, Wimbledon or Olympic gold?

    You expect to get an objective answer from Mark today? Let him celebrate!

    It's a tough call though. They only get a few shots at Olympic glory in their career, but the matches are shorter, closer together, and there are plenty of other sports around to deflect attention. Wimbledon requires two weeks of brilliance in three hour plus matches while all of the world focuses on you.

    I think ultimately they would love to win Olympic gold, but would die to win Wimbledon. It's the reason many players cite for starting playing the game, and the thing that seems to drive them above all else.

    But right now I think Murray is pretty damn happy and couldn't care less about Wimbledon :)

    Great win for Murray! Very happy for him and the people of GB. That was the type of tennis he needs to play in order to win Slams. He's pretty damn good when he's aggressive and attacking.

    Very disappointed that Murray was draped in an English flag and not a Scottish flag. Boo :(

      Are you sure it wasn't a union jack which represents all of GB? Which would be suitable because he is at the Olympics representing GB not England or Scotland exclusively.

        It was the Union Jack, so not weird at all.

        Also @ Woods, Olympic Gold does not compare to a Wimbledon title. It's just not on the same level.

    Yes, it was the Union Jack which does represent Great (ugh) Britain. However Murray is from Scotland, Scotland is it's own country and I think it kind of sucks that people like to pretend otherwise. I understand Britain is the host nation but surely he could have had both flags?

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