Wii U Exclusive Rayman Legends Looks So Lovely

Here's the Wii U trailer for Rayman Legends, and damn, this platformer is pretty. The trailer shows off some of the Wii U controls, as well as the game's enchanting art.

Rayman Legends is a Wii U exclusive, and it will be out this holiday season. Check out Kotaku's impressions of the game here.


    Whilst Rayman "Legends" might indeed be a WiiU exclusive.

    Not for one second do I believe this will be a complete exclusive, there will be a version with the specific WiiU controls stripped out and it will be released on every platform imaginable like the first one, and I will be there on that day for the PS3/V.

      Absolutely. Gonna grab the Vita version, Origins was the best platformer I've ever played. Somehow managed to top Super Meat Boy.


    Lol at the end

    hehe tickling the minotaur.

    That looks fantastic. I'm not quite sold on the Gamepad integration for a second, secondary player - but I'm sure many people will, so brilliant. In terms of visuals ... wow. Go Ubisoft!

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