Ubisoft, Totally Desperate, Promises Rayman Legends Gets A Wii U Exclusive Demo

Ubisoft, Totally Desperate, Promises Rayman Legends Gets A Wii U Exclusive Demo

Disappointment over a six-month delay of a video game’s release may be a first-world problem. But there’s a good case Ubisoft is holding Rayman Legends back from Wii U while it gets the newly announced PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions ready for a September release.

Going multiplatform here isn’t raising garden-variety console fanboy butthurt. There are many understandably pissed off Rayman fans who just want the game originally promised at the end of this month.

So to tide them over, Ubisoft is giving them a special Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends demo. Yes. A console-exclusive demo. Another one.

“We are working with the development team to provide you with a new, exclusive demo for the Wii U soon,” Ubisoft said on its Facebook page yesterday. Yeah, there already is a demo for this game — technically Wii U exclusive! — and it’s been available since December.

This — I mean, this is crap. Come on. A second demo? That admits the game is ready on the Wii U and Wii U gamers are forced to wait because the machine isn’t selling to Ubisoft’s satisfaction. Better to just apologise for the delay and say nothing else, rather than tacitly admit your Wii U fans are being screwed for a business priority. But then, this is Ubisoft, which — ask PC gamers — excels at alienating large segments of its customer base.

Ubisoft Facebook [via NeoGAF]


  • …I think you’ll find this will happen to more “Wii-U” exclusive titles that aren’t made by Nintendo themselves. Since everyone hates the Wii-U and the new, more useful consoles are out this year…

  • It’ll be a reboot, maybe one/combination of these:

    Rayman’s Hangover Day – cartoon booze, boobs and blood.

    Epically Ambitious Rayman – the focus groups did it

    Raymen – collectable toys with NFC, gotta buy em all

    Rayman RPG? Werewolf Rayman? Rayman Racing?

    Exciting times.

    • Yes, that would be much worse, but considering the Wii U games are already printed and sitting in a warehouse, you could only gain money from that point.

  • I was planning to buy a Wii U just for this game, This game I feel is a system seller and Ubisoft underestimated their own game’s potential.

    Now that it’s multiplatform I’m now in doubt due to the fact that I’m now not sure if the gamepad is going to be a necessity for an awesome game now.

  • I was excited when I heard that Legends was going multi-platform as I really enjoyed Rayman: Oranges but Ubisoft’s handling of the release is making me question whether I really want to support them…

  • You would think that Ubi would have the sense to release the Wii-U version at the end of the month. Giving the Wii U the exclusive for those months before the Ps3 and Xbox 360 versions appear. I mean all those people that want the game now desperatley would of paid for the privillage of getting the Wii U version. but I spose ubi doesnt want to make some money or the game was so flawed or rushed and needing extra polishing.

  • It’s just a shame how this all turned out. I usually love hearing multi-console , but this is the only time I don’t. =/ At least Owen didn’t miss the point like Luke did. I don’t know why you guys keep him around other than to post cosplay. I already have a “Journalist” for that kind of stuff. His name is Google.

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