Rayman: Legends Looks Like Five-Player Insanity On Wii U

Here's Rayman: Legends running on the Wii U. It supports up to five players using the Wii U controller, the new Wii U Pro controller and Wii Remotes.

Not only does it look just lovely, but did I just see bits where it turned into a rhythm action platformer? Very, very impressive.


    Bit by bit im starting to have more faith in the WiiU.
    Hopefully the WiiU's hardward is able to be atleast comparable to the next gen on consoles from MS and Sony, if not i hope it will atleast be able to do 1080P

      Nintendo has already stated the Wii U will output at 1080p

    Reminds me a bit of the Tingle Tuner for gba connectivity with wind waker. Looks fun

    Come check us out at the boooooooooooooo!

    so much win

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