Rayman Legends No Longer Wii U Exclusive

There's good news and bad news, Rayman fans. First, the bad news: Rayman Legends — the follow-up to the fun, much-praised Rayman Origins — has been delayed until this September, about six months after its original February 26 release date. The good news is that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will also be getting their own versions of the same game in the same time period.

In a press release issued today, Ubisoft marketing exec Geoffroy Sardin said the following:

"We heard from many Xbox & Playstation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system. We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game."

The subtext here is the fact that the Wii U, while selling respectably, isn't the runaway hit that its predecessor was and Ubisoft wants to earn as much as possible off of the next Rayman title. It's going to be interesting to see how the dev team adapts the asymmetrical design of Legends — parts of which were originally meant to take advantage of the Wii U two-screen capability and the gamepad's touch input — to Sony and Microsoft's consoles. We'll have more on Rayman Legends as news develops.


    I understand why it would no longer be an exclusive. But delaying it for 6 months so they can release it on all platforms at once is a horrible decision. Not fucking happy.

      Marketing. Why would they spend twice as much money and hours marketing the same game twice? Maybe if Origins was a bigger seller they would risk it but to market a sequel twice to a game that didn't sell a lot.

      I agree :(

      I'm so angry, yet I still want the game... So I am going to buy it second hand (which I never do) to send a message to Ubisoft "no money from me". I encourage everyone to send a clear message to Ubisoft that this treatment is not acceptable. They over promised and under delivered, that is the worst customer service ever.

    It's kind of funny that even though the last few Rayman games have been tremendously successful, the Rayman brand is still barely a blip on my radar.

    Well, if I can play Legends without owning a Wii U, maybe I'll check it out.

      Get origins on PS3/360/PC it's a fantastic game.

      Also Rayman Run on ios/Android is another great game if you have a few dollars to spend

    It sucks. I don't care about the exclusivity but don't understand why it has to be delayed for the WiiU as well considering the game should be finished by now.

      If Ninty aren't interested in paying to make it exclusive, why would they gift them a "six month exclusivity" window?

    As someone without a Wiiu and a fan of origins I am excited! Only just finished it the other week, with some medallions to go... Land of the dead was brutal

      Land of the dead is up there with my gaming moments in this generation of consoles. Hard as all hell but so very satisfying.

        My son was cheering me when I finally beat the boss :p

    "I've got a great idea guys! Instead of releasing it in a low release period where it can get some attention, let's release it at the same time as GTAV!"

    Sooooo how the hell are they going to implement the Wii U's touch screen functionality into the other 2 consoles? There's parts where you have to rotate a giant wheel whilst keeping Rayman upright by tilting the Gamepad, there's a part where you have to touch on the screen at certain points at the right moments in a Rhythm style stage. There's parts where you not only have to move platforms by tilting and sliding your finger across them but also protect Rayman from fireballs he can't attack.

    It's not like you can map these abilities to a controller these moves were pretty precise.

      Vita cross-controller app would work, a la LBP2. Not sure for Xbox, maybe Smart Glass?

        True although the problem with Vita play is that PS3 players need to actually own a Vita and last I checked if sales are anything to go by, that's not very many.

        As for Smartglass it is possible though Microsoft has yet to announce a release date for it.

        If you've played the demo you'll know that the gamepad functionality isn't just a tacked on afterthough its a really heavily implemented part of gameplay.

          UPDATE: My Bad just checked it was launched back in October but few games have utilized it, no wonder I didn't hear about it.

      Well, they'd definitely change the functionality of some levels, and parts, to work with the different systems. Sort of like when there was a port of a game to Wii, they added in motion controls to adhere for the lack of buttons. They also could remove those parts completely, only replacing them with new things to make up for the removed segments.

    With only 1 month to go for its original release date, it's obvious that they have the discs already made. Now they just sit in a factory for 7 months so the ps360 people don't get butthurt that we get it early :\

      Or they've been planning this a while and just didn't tell us until now. Not that I doubt that the game must be very close to complete (of not complete) for the Wii U.
      I was actually really looking forward to this game; was a definite buy (especially since my Wii U is risking the dust gathering of its predecessor)... now... maybe not...

      But you don't get it early.

        No, that's not the issue. The issue is that it was originally going to be released this month (meaning the copies of the game would have already been printed by now). I got no issue with the fact that other consoles are getting it, in fact, I think that is great. Other people should experience the game too. But having already printed copies sitting in a warehouse so they get released at the same time as the others is a little dumb. The whole marketing argument is a non issue, they have already done the marketing for the game on the Wii U. People were already sold on it ages ago.

    this really sucks... pleased i haven't pre-ordered it now...

    From a marketing perspective it makes complete sense to advertise all the platforms at the same time. As a consumer i am mildly irritated. I had such a good time with Origins co-op that this news won't stop me from buying Legends in the end.

    Played the demo and wasnt that impressed. Can some one tell me what the big deal about this game? It looks amazing but the gameplay was pretty boring. As for it going multiplatform no big deal, dumb for ubi to call it exclusive then change though plus the delay.

      Haven't played the demo so I don't know how much crappy and pointless wii u second screen stuff there is in the game but Origins is probably the best platformer on this generation.
      Visual - beautiful
      music - beautiful
      gameplay - simple but excellent
      and difficulty curve increased perfectly, nothing impossible like Super Meat Boy but still challenging

        I played the game for like 10 mins and got bored still got 29 plays left of the demo and dont feel i will use any more. Yeah and the use of the touch screen is pretty crap. I noted this before when i first saw the game.

        Last edited 08/02/13 1:50 pm

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Best news ever. C'mon people - buy it!

    Great news, though not cool delaying the wiiu version.

    i only got my wii u on launch because this was just around the corner.
    nothing else interested me all that much.
    im incredibly unimpressed with this

    Wow, what a punch to the balls that is.

    Buying a Wii U is turning out to be the worst decision ever. One of the main reasons we got it on launch is because Rayman was coming out soon. We may as well have waited until later this year! And then not bought one after seeing that no games are coming out for the damned console.

    Why is everyone shitting on Wii U owners?

    Delaying a game that was practically finished. Even the devs are upset about this. Funny how none of them publishers bother to delay ps3.360 games so as to appease Wii U owners. But I suppose that's okay.

    You're need to remember that that Nintendo delayed their own games so that Ubisoft and Rayman Origins and other third party pubs and games have less competition.

    So many unhappy people here and i agree, Ubisoft to go get stuffed. What a joke of an idea.

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