One Guy Hit Borderlands 2 ‘s Level Cap In A Record-Setting 43 Hours

One Guy Hit Borderlands 2 ‘s Level Cap In A Record-Setting 43 Hours

Matt Siegfried wanted to be first. So the championship gamer — who’s already notched #1 rankings — in various titles got Borderlands 2 as soon as he could at a midnight launch and started playing right away. Less than two days later, Siegfried (who plays under the name “Blitz”) set a time record for hitting the level cap of Gearbox’s hit sequel in 43 hours, 15 minutes. You can head over to Siegfried’s TwitchTV page to watch his epic run in real time.

Fastest Time To Reach Level 50 In “Borderlands 2”
[Recordsetter, via PatrickScottPatterson]


  • Enjoyment would be replaced by exhaustion and paranoia at around the 24 hour mark. Not my kinda thing, but, hey, there’s always one, right? Well done to him, I guess.

    • Unfortunately a lot of people seem to forget games are for fun and not for “FIRST!”. Oh well I will just keep going at my pace and enjoy the game. 🙂

  • There’s nothing ‘epic’ about sitting on your arse for 43 hrs playing a game.

    Someone should tell him, games are meant to be fun.

  • Nice effort but i think that will be easily beatable now that more information is coming out on the game will be quicker to find ways to level. Still a very impressive time. Also James S if a game is good enough you can easily marathon it to max level half the fun is speed running.

  • If all you want to do is level up, join someone 10+ levels above you in co-op and hide. You get XP for their kills, if they’re high enough rank above you you can go up level after only a couple of kills.

  • 43 hours to cap the game.. that is a good benchmark for the amount of playtime the game offers.. and that’s not including replays with the other 3 characters plus the new character coming in October, plus the 4 DLC already planned for.

    • Not the mention the fact that it was a speedrun to cap it, so likely 50 to 60 hours for the average player that spends time looking around and exploring etc

  • Hmm… 43 hours to reach max level.

    I’ve played 41.8hrs according to steam, and am level 27.
    Tho, most of my time has been spent playing with others who are a lower level, and you don’t earn much exp killing low level stuff (eg. played 2 hrs last night with a friend 5 lvl’s lower, gained ~2% exp)

    I’m also taking my time, doing all side quests, listening to all dialog…. playing pokies for a few hours >_>

    • Careful what you say, anytime you don’t get excited about a (non) achievement like this you are labelled a hater. I now live in fear that someone will write a mean comment about me not being a hardcore speed running gamer. And someone else writing +1 just to create extra put down power on that comment.

    • I think ‘loser’ is a bit strong. I agree with you, but I wouldn’t say it that way. Who am I to insult people for what they enjoy doing?

      But I would never, never do this. You ruin your enjoyment of the game, not to mention it’s unhealthy and for what? So you can say you were 1st? Big deal, it’s a game, it’s not real. All that time you were sitting your arse, you could’ve been accomplishing REAL things and making your life better with the effort.

      But yah, just my 2c. If you’re not hurting anybody, honestly you’re alright by me.

      • Okay, not a loser but he’s turned the playing of the game into something worse than it should be.

        You know what? What the hell do I know?

        • Damn, you guys are right. This guy is a modern day Last Starfighter in training and one day he might… Just might… Save the world.

  • Wish I had 43 hours and 15 minutes to spare playing a game. I wouldn’t spend it playing a game, but I sure wish I had that kind of spare time.

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