Sony Was Surprised How Few People Wanted To Make Games For Vita

Why is the PlayStation Vita floundering? One reason is that people just weren't interested in developing games for it. At least that's what Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida believes.

"One thing that was surprising and disappointing to us was the [lower] number of third parties to come out [in support] after launch," Yoshida told Gamasutra in an interview published today. "...In retrospect, there are so many options for publishers now that we cannot take it for granted that our new platform would be supported by third parties, like [it would've been] many years ago."

Also surprising and disappointing for Sony must be the fact that Nintendo snagged Monster Hunter 4 as a 3DS-exclusive. Monster Hunter was a monumental success on PSP, which is one of the reasons Sony's last handheld is still enjoying healthy sales in Japan.

Yoshida's goal: get more games!

"We've been working harder with our third party relations department to secure more content for PS Vita," he told Gamasutra. "...We are confident that we have the right hardware platform that we have with PS Vita."

PlayStation Vita's biggest challenge: Convincing developers [Gamasutra]


    Developers aren't stupid, they're not going to develop for a platform that you can just as easily make on a home console, especially seeing as the user market is WAY larger than the Vita's

      But there is WAY less competition on the Vita - so even a halfway decent release would see healthy sales. A halfway decent release on X360 sees hardly anything.

        Except the console has a larger userbase

          yes however you have to weigh up this larger userbase is worth the extra competition. A game like mirrors edge would have had way more success if there had been less competition. But there wasnt and so it was lost in the mix and wasnt exactly a huge commercial success.
          It is all a numbers game to them.
          Maybe by making a very good vita exclusive they can capture the majority of vita owners.

          ...Which is offset by the number of available games. It's not too difficult to understand.

      If thats what you believe then u are messed up.

      Sony didnt get much 3rd party support before release which is the reason for the slow start plus developers need to get use to developing for the Vita. The PSP had a slow start aswell.

      So why did the PSP sell nearly 80 million copies when customers could have got a PS2 or PS3.
      Why has the DS and 3DS sold 100 million copies even though customers could get a Wii?

      Your comment can be contradicted by alot of people based on the fact that it isnt true and you sound like a microsoft or nintendo fanboy.
      People dont want your opinion, they want the truth which is what we arent getting much of these day.

    It's more likely to fail due to the fact that people would rather game on their iPhone or even iPod touch than spend their money on a dedicated gaming to device like the PSP. No surprise hear. Kinda says why Microsoft never pursued this route and put more effort into mobile gaming like XBOX Live on the Windows Phone.

      ipods are about the worst platform to play games on though. Well next to Windows Phones, I honestly don't get why Microsoft thinks we all want XBL on everything.

        Whats wrong with gaming on a windows phone? It's just like any other phone.

        Convenience factor. On my iPad and iPhone I can game, read, surf the web, work .... All in one device. And I could on an android or windows device too. I can't on a vita. If I want a hardcore game experience I use my ps3 or pc.

          You forgot -text friends and make phonecalls..

      People, not gamers.

      If I had to choose from either a phone or a Vita off of a table to play a game from, I would choose the Vita. Anyone who has played console games thoroughly would I believe.

      The only problem is, most people already own the phone. This means that the reason to buy a Vita has been minimized due to a pre-purchase - it doesn't say anything about the quality of gaming on phones.

        the thing is though, most people don't want to carry a device dedicated to playing games as it's not that important to them.

        without a doubt, games on the vita can beat anything on a phone . phone games are not exactly exactly for their quality and superiority but the fact that they are there. theyre simply a time killer when theres nothing else to do, as most people generally always have a phone on them. theyre generally not played because someone wants to 'game' as such

    I was surprised when I tried playing a ps1 game (Rayman) on my Vita today when I was prompted to plug a controller into port 1. Wtf?!

      Well they can't exactally remake everything for the Vita and still sell them as PS1 games. So long as the game works a few out of place messages are acceptable.

        Nah the game doesn't work unfortunately. The message pops up as you boot the game up & wont l

          Damn phone lol
          Wont let me get past it to start the game

            have you checked to see if the game requires say a Bluetooth controller.

    They need to get Monster Hunter, by any means necessary.

      Yeah the words "exclusive" "monster hunter 3 ultimate" and "monster hunter 4" are linked with the 3DS.. little late for them to "get" it.

        However the words "Monster Hunter Freedom" isn't. I've said this before when people bring the Monster Hunter franchise up. The main franchise never saw an entry on the PSP, only the Freedom line did, and because of that there is no reason why Capcom can't let the 3DS have Monster Hunter 4 and let the Vita have Monster Hunter Freedom 4.

          Exactly what I was thinking. Monster Hunter Tri was exclusive to Wii, and then 6 months later Monster Hunter Portable 3rd came out on PSP.

            I'm frankly amazed that Sony is "surprised" that a competitor went after their most popular game series on PSP. It's like they had all these relationships and partnerships sewn up in the PS2 days due to their sheer size and now they're stunned that people are eating their lunch - amazing how they've forgotten how they did the same thing to Nintendo years ago - that's how competition works.

            BTW what ever became of that xbox only Monster Hunter MMO - anyone know?

              The Xbox (and PC) Monster Hunter MMO is still around, and is getting a pretty big update soon.

          Ruen i wouldnt be surprised if Nintendo has exclusive rights over all monster hunter titles for portable. Lawyers are stupid enough not to specifically write that in a contract. If they were heads would roll.

            I would be more surprised if Capcom agreed to such terms, as a company their main goal would be to make as much money as possible. I think Capcom would most likely have come to an agreement with Nintendo regarding MH4 with this in mind. As of right now I've only heard word that Monster Hunter 4 is a 3DS exclusive, not the series as a whole. Even if that was so I'd still be sceptical since the series has had different iterations in the past and Capcom wouldn't was to alienate a perspective audience and their money by locking a franchise to a singular company/product

        So Crapcom will put some other wart onto the name and put Monster Hunter 4 Quattro or something out instead. There's lots of ways to get around 'exclusivity' deals.

    Nintendo and Sony need to make a psp/nds a phone as well.

      Yeah because a new n-gage will be perfect :P

      you can go here and donate money to some guy who wants to put android on the vita

    That and the issue of continuous system software updates for the vita eventually making your game non functional...Want to make it useful - make it available to everyone as a blank slate so they can develop their own software - I remember the good old days when you could use MacBasic to interface your mac with scientific equipment...then the Mac became useless.

      The irony of you putting an old max example of Mac, is that Apple has been most profitable now because it doesn't include a "blank slate".

        You mean, "and" it doesn't include a blank slate. Not "because". There's no way to make that correlation.

          I'm pretty sure there is great correlation whether statistically proven or on pure speculation, that Apple owners value the 'out of box experience', and do believe Apple's price hikes (read: profit margins) are justified based on that alone.

        Well thats a lie. I love Apple fan boys who talk total nonsense and they have no clue what they are talking about. Here is a nice list to prove you wrong

        also take a look at the return on shareholders equity thats an important one.

        Having the highest market cap aka share price x number of shares on issue does not make you the most profitable or largest company in the world.
        In comparrison to debt finance (eg loans from the bank) equity finance(eg issuing shares) is considered more expensive. Apple does have debt and is solely equity other companies use debt to purchase assets and make good use of "tax shields" (I wont explain it just trust me it is a good thing to a point).

          Umm are you directing that to me?

          Never said Apple was the "most profitable in the world", I simply said they were "most profitable", you've misunderstood the entirety of my comment.

          Besides ROE is pretty irrelevant to Apple, since they don't offer any new shares and solely run on a profit reinvestment scheme (read: no dividends). In otherwords any monetary gain from Apple shareholders is derived speculative pricing on a share trading.

    Sony, so out of touch. I'm already visualizing the dramatic documentary on Sony's rise and fall into bankruptcy, hell, I think there's room for a film. (no joke, a film starting in the humble days and walkman launch, through to the PS1, and then to now and the next few years/bankrupt, I think it'd be a great film)

    The Sony TRCs are way too restrictive. Sony seriously need to look at Apples submission process. Allow people to make a game and Submit it without having to wade through a 2 week scrutinizing process that costs both companies tens of thousands of dollars.

    Mmmm not sure how reporting about how Sony are clueless is actually worth reporting on...Errr the 90's rang and want their handheld back!

    They have their heads stuck so far up somewhere that they've forgotten exactly where their head is stuck. I love my playstation but their constant fuckups have left me cold with them and not sure what I'm doing when the next generation appears.

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