Take A Good Look At The New Enemies Of Halo 4

Looking at this 10 minute video from 343 Industries, makers of the upcoming Halo 4, it's clear that the mark of Forerunner technology is in something like a break action shotgun that, like, actually breaks apart and re-forms as it is reloaded.

You see the same kind of telekinetic influence in other concepts of the Forerunners, long spoken of in the Halo continuity, and the newest class of foe to be faced in Halo 4, this year, along with many others described it in the video above.


    For a minute near the end I thought I was playing Metdroid Prime...

    I'm excited too, looking to be pretty awesome!

    But yeah what's up with all the glitching in that video?! o.0

    Reuploaded by someone else.

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