Watch Snipers Stalk One Another In This Live Action Medal Of Honor Homage

This is supposed to be a Live Action video based on Medal of Honor — but really it could apply to a number of different games. You could have said it was an ARMA live action clip, or a Call of Duty live action clip and I don't think anyone could have told the difference. Still this is pretty cool and features some really good visual story telling.

I actually think it has more in common with The End boss battle in Metal Gear Solid 3, with the tension and the trickery. But still another great video from the Somewhat Awesome guys.


    That Steyr has its ejection port on the wrong side, or its a welded up one.

      Steyrs have ejection ports on both sides other weapon, which side depends on the operator's preference

    *of the weapon

    If it was based on CoD, the sniper would've jumped out of cover while doing a 360 for a no-scope shot...

    He also walks thru a fence at one point.

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