What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Guys. Girls. I'm sure you're already aware of this but Mark of the Ninja, on XBLA, is a very, very good video game. I've been playing it for the last week and it's pretty much just shot into my top five games of the year. I'm close to finishing it, so that's what I'll be playing this weekend. What about you fine folks?

Why is Mark of the Ninja good? No-one asked that question, but I'm going to answer it anyway.

The answer is: polish and design.

The mechanics and design of this game is just absolutely pitch perfect. It takes the best ideas from every stealth game you've ever played, places them into a two dimensional plane and just polishes it to a fine, fine sheen. It really is a must play.

Anyway — what are you playing this weekend?


    BorderSouls 2.

    Also watching football for the final time this year *sniff*

    DOA 5 if I dont get to many laggy online matches I might also take some stabs at my shame pile like Darksiders 2 or my large collection of pokemon DS games.

      DOA5 for me as well, and im sure my current borderlands addiction will need to be sated

        Already a 50 Siren here with 40+ hours so I probably won't be back until awhile.

          LOL i have this small problem im an ALT-aholic i have 4 characters ranging from 15-30, purely playong co-op with different groups of mates, no Zer0 toon yet, he's being saved for a LAN in a few weeks time.

      I'll be playing DOA5 too, got it yesterday and really enjoying it so far. I'm crap at fighting games but it's much more newbie-friendly than Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is. Though disappointed my one online match against another aussie was laggy...

    I've got all next week off devoted to games. Bordelands 2, FTL, Syndicate (bought from NZ), F1 2012, FIFA 13, iRacing. Dear Lord. I may have a gaming induced aneurysm.

    Resident Evil 6?

    Borderlands 2, Darksiders 2, I might be getting some ODST going if anybody else might be interested.

    Borderlands 2. I’m a level 39 Gunzerker right now, and about a quarter of the way into True Vault Hunter mode. It’s pretty tough.

    I’ll also be playing a bunch of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, because the new Pokemon, err, I mean, Pet Battles add-on is addictive as heck.

    Also Resident Evil 6, because HYPE and Leon.

    be playing Tekken Tag 2, Soul Calibur 5 and DoA 5 in preparation for Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) this weekend

    TTT2, de Blob 2, and maybe some GTR 2.

      de Blob 2 is an awesome game!

      You are a cool person because de Blob is rad.

      Might as well join all the deBlob love... Game is fastastic, got my Platinum and hope that one day we might see a 3rd entry into the series!

    Looking to have somewhat of a relaxing weekend gaming and watching the footy!

    I'll be playing Borderlands 2, Tokyo Jungle and might pick up Resident Evil 6

    So glad to hear you playing this awesome game. I have been playing it almost non stop trying to S rank it which I rarely do with games anymore.

    Borderlands 2. Started last weekend but have only had a couple of hours play time during the week, so will be taking advantage of the long weekend and getting as much xbox in as I am able.

      Oh right! Long weekend - I forgot about this!

      Man, I'm gonna play sooo many games. All of them, in fact.

    Pandaland and Deus Ex: HR - got the urge to try and successfully complete a Pacifist/Foxiest of the Hounds run through.

    I will be playing a couple of mech based games. And no doubt cod. and some diablo.

    Hmm, I finished Anna's Quest, so I think I'm going to break from games for a short while.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
    Tokyo Jungle
    maybe a bit of Battlefield 3.

    Borderlands 2, probably try and knock out Anna's Quest at some point if the wife is napping or wants to play BL2 alone.

    torchlight 2 - consuming my life right now.

      Yeah loving this one for $20, it's a steal

    Mark of the Ninja. Mark McNinja? Mark of the Serrels.

    I don't know what I am doing, I just woke from a nap.

    I will be getting ganked at every quest hub I go near in Pandaria.

    Borderlands 2. Trying to build up the courage to go back to dark souls and beat the great wolf sif. Also back on the Pokemon train so going through White at the moment.

    Well since Re6 is out ... it will be a toss up between BorderLands 2 and resident Evil 6 ....

    Just entered the second act of Wtcher 2, enjoying the last weekend of my leave and sketching out the first details of a new story/script/novel.

    Borderlands 2, maybe start on Transfromers: FOC. I might also try of few of the games from the Humble Bundle 6 - https://www.humblebundle.com/ . My pile of shame is getting way too big.

    Mass Effect, Combat Mission the usual.

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