What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For me, the answer to this question is simple. I am playing Pikmin 3. That is all.

I finally got round to playing this game after sitting on it for months. I am loving it to death.

I'm also finding it stressful as all hell. Mainly because I keep restarting days because I want to be super efficient. It's a throwback from Pikmin 1 days, when there was a time limit. I'm one of the few people who probably miss the time limit. I thought it gave the game real purpose. You had to be efficient. Now it's just a conscious choice on my part.

It just makes the game more challenging, it forces you to think, strategise and organise. Can't wait to try some of those challenge maps either.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    I heading back to Brisbane for the weekend, so I doubt I'll get any gaming in. No board games for sure :(

    On the other hand, I could take my 3DS and get some more Luigi's Mansion 2 under my belt. That game is pretty rad.

    I'll also probably get some more Typing of the Dead: Overkill under my belt. Only finished 3 of the missions so far and enjoyed every silly moment.


        I wonder if I could use this as leverage in some way to get you to come to board games :p

    Between the first part of the campaign coming out last night and a mate just getting the game a few days ago and wanting to play some coop, I suspect my weekend will be entirely dominated by Arma 3

    I've acquired 107 stars on Super Mario Galaxy. I'm hoping to finish it off this weekend so I can get started on Twilight Princess.

    If they release a patch for Arkham Origins I'll start that again. It will be my third attempt after my first two saves were corrupted.

    I'm also preparing for the next gen consoles by making room for them on my entertainment shelves. I was planning on packing up my PS3 and using my PS4 as my media hub but that idea went out the window with yesterdays news.

      That's pissing me off big time. Don't have space in my unit for many more consoles.

        Damn Mark. I only just came to an agreement with the Mrs to upgrade our entertainment unit to include glass display areas for all my ancient gaming tech. I'll be sure to light some candles on the shrine for you. :D

      Wait, I missed it - what was yesterday's news? I'm guessing something about backwards compatibility?

        PS4 won't play mp3s or act as a media server. Only way to play music on there is paying for Sony's Music Unlimited or whatever.

        Not a drama for me because my PC is hooked up to the sound system so I just play from that but a bit of a kick in the guts for people who use it on PS3 and want to use it on PS4.

          Yeah, that just smacks of attempting to corner a market with proprietary tech. Haven't we gone past that? I'm like you in that it's a non issue for me but I can see how others will be irritated. Cheers Stevo.

          What's amusing is that my Sony Bravia can stream shared media directly as can my PS3, but they're taking it away in PS4. I wonder if they'll patch it out of their current hardware once the PS4 is out.

    I'll probably continue with Dead Rising 2. I've decided I will try and level up to make the psychopath battles more bearable so I'm doing a runthrough ignoring story and just going for the 50 survivors achievement while levelling up. Then I'll restart and try to finish the story/kill all the psychopaths.

    If I get bored with that, I'll try and start Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

      I remember having to do the same thing with the first one. I just used the underground car park and a car to level up quickly.

        I was level 29 when I got to the end of the third day and had to do the battle where you fight the crazy military sergeant who has Rebecca captive. I didn't realise I was walking into a fight so I came underprepared and was annoyed by the prospect of having to travel back there with the upgraded zombies to cut through, so I decided to start over and redo it as a level 50.

    LAN night on saturday, Team Fortress 2 + Age of Empires 2 HD, otherwise probably finishing off the Deus Ex: Human Rev Directors Cut on the Wii U.

    Black Flag!!!! This game is amazing! It is the game I have been waiting for since Sea Dogs!

      DON'T TELL ME THAT! my wallet is already weeping

        I tried to hold off to get it on the Xbone but just couldn't hold out any longer. The game visually is amazing too! A lot better than I thought it would be. Freely going from ship to ship to island is awesome with no loading screens. Exploring and finding treasure is so much fun too. Don't ask me about the story though :p

    I would've been playing Assassin's Creed IV, but I haven't started III or finished Revelations (leant them to a friend), got through the first sequence and into the present and went, Wooaah! this is going to be way too spoilery, so I put it down, until I can get the other two games back, which might take a while seeing how he lives interstate.

    So instead, I'll be finishing Batman: Arkham Origins and getting stuck into Battlefield 4 online.

    Last edited 01/11/13 11:34 am

      yeah i played III without finishing Revelations. I had to read up on the Present Storyline online to catch up.

      Make sure you finish III for the present day storyline at least (the rest of that game wasnt my favourite, i actually preferred Revelations)

      Last edited 01/11/13 12:52 pm

    I've got a massive pile of shame but yet again I will be ignoring it for alternating sessions of battlefield 4MP and GTAV

    Girlfriends at work and I've got today off so let the fun begin. Probably should work on the songs I'm writing too.

    BF4 in all its bug ridden glory.

      Yes, anyone planning on diving into the Campaign be careful, I've been reading a lot of reports that people's saves are being corrupted. Also had online freeze on me once when the next match was loading.

      Last edited 01/11/13 11:44 am

        The campaign is nothing more than a vehicle for improving my total MP weapon count. It can wait...

    WoW... 3 years sober and I caved. So much has changed. Help me. Hold me ;__;

      Don't do it, mate. I took a 2 year break from WoW - went back for a year just to find the place overrun with pandas.

    BF4 and Arkham Origins on pc.
    They better patch Batman grrrrr

    In all likelihood, no video games this weekend for me. Unless we get weathered out at the dropzone, in which case I might play something on my phone or something.

    Feed the baby, change the baby, clean the house, attempt to write, Ni No Kuni. Probably in that order.

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    Batman Arkham Origins. Haven't been hit with any corrupt saves yet. I'm starting to get worried though....maybe I shouldn't push my luck and just wait for a patch before continuing

      So far mine's been ok, except for the Copperhead boss fight.

      I fought her and got a cutscene where Batman injects the antidote, after that Copperhead was no longer there, so I thought it was over. I left the room, did a heap of random stuff like crimes in progress, most wanted and collectibles. Went to the map screen and it still said my objective was to take out Copperhead, so I went back to where the fight took place, and I couldn't see her, so I just started punching at nothing, but it was registering hits. After a few hits, I got another cutscene of Batman throwing her into the back of a truck, and the games been fine since then, knock on wood.

      It can happen anytime, even if you exit correctly ie after it has auto saved hit the start button and return to the menu.

      It can also crash loading a sequence which can corrupt the save as well.

    Just gone back to Lego City Undercover. It's fun. Also - four day weekend for me so the options are vast and varied... :)

    Spelunky on the 360, Spelunky on the PS3, Spelunky on the Vita...

    I hate you, Spelunky. :(

    Its a three way juggling act for me, GTAV, PokemonX and Batman:AO

    Playing assassins creed 4 couldn't wait for the next gen version

    After doing most of the stuff in Arkham Origins (apart from some of the Dark Knight challenges and the glitched Burnley tower) I went back to Arkham Asylum and am enjoying it so much more. Origins and City are all good but I think Asylum captured being Batman pretty much perfectly.

    Finished Killzone 2 and 3 on PS3, so no I'm taking a leisurely stroll through X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

    Still P3P on my Vita, almost got enough smarts to woo Mitsuru ^_^

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC

    Far Cry 3 - PS+
    Ticket to ride - Humble Bundle - has convinced me to order the board game :-)

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