While You Were Sleeping

Well I woke up early to watch the US Open final today, so I'm a little tired at the moment, but never mind! It's video game news time! This what went down while you were sleeping...

Valve news! Wow. This is pretty big. Massive. Steam TV. It's a real thing. You should head here to get all the info with a massive in-depth look at all the features. Like I said. this is a very big deal. You can also watch the first trailer here. Go go go!

Oh, and since we're talking Valve stuff, might as well have a look at this: if Portal 2 was a 2D platformer, it would look something like this.

This is a live action Guild Wars 2 video. No idea what's going on here! And Mega 64 does Fallout 3!

In Short Valve Brings Steam To TVs The First Trailer For Valve's Big Picture Mode What The Hell Is Going On In This Live Action Guild Wars 2 Video If Portal Was A 2D Platformer It Would Look Something Like This Fallout 3 Should Come With A Do Not Try This At Home Warning


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