What The Hell Is Going On In This Live-Action Guild Wars 2 Video?

What The Hell Is Going On In This Live-Action Guild Wars 2 Video?

ArenaNet shut off its digital sales of Guild Wars 2 a few days after last month’s launch, explaining that existing players’ needs needed to be attended to first. Since then, they’ve gotten the servers sorted out, the trading post online and significantly reduced the frequency of getting kicked to overflow. So, with the early rush mellowed out, ArenaNet has re-opened digital sales.

They made the announcement by passing around the new official trailer for the game, a more or less completely inexplicable live-action launch trailer that looks more out of The Secret World than Guild Wars 2. Of all the questions it could spur — and there are many — for some reason the one that most lingers in my mind is: why is that woman’s living room underwater?


  • I kinda get the aim they are going for with it…. Its time to break the mold of MMO’s and do something different. But it is so ambiguous. Almost like shit how do we tie this back in with GW2?

  • I just setup some hot coals in the study, so I have to walk over them to get to the computer so I can play GW2…only seems right considering the other guy in the clip did it, anyone that doesn’t – instant fail! =P

  • I get the message they were aiming for, something like being reborn, leaving your old shitty (mmo) life behind – it’s just a shit ad, 90% of it has nothing to do with the game itself, and you have no context for the actual gameplay content you do see

    I love the game to death, I’ve been smashing it since pre-release, but it’s just a bad ad

    • No worse than some shitty CGI trailer that isn’t representative of anything in the game.

      Effective adds often have nothing to do with the product at all they sell an idea or lifestyle choice and then bang the product on the end hoping the association sticks.

      Not to mention that this trailer isn’t aimed at anyone who knows about gw2

  • I didn’t get the trailer at all im level 79 atm and i havn’t even seen the ingame content they showed level 80 stuff at the end of the very wierd Live action part, I think they would have been better show casing more of the game then with an ad that if i didn’t know it was supposed to be about GW2 then for the first min and a half i wouldn’t have had a clue what i was watching, then the only content they show is level 80 stuff which most won’t see for awhile.

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