While You Were Sleeping

It's that time of the morning again, when you wipe the bleary sleep from your eyes, and take a gander at some news from overnight. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

This what I imagine happens every time sales of a Nintendo console begin to slow. Iwata calls an important meeting. Everyone sits on a massive circular table. There is a tense moment. Someone suggests new colours. Everyone high fives each other and then everyone drinks Chu Hi and gets drunk. So yes, there are new 3DS XL colours, that's what I'm trying to say.

You know that Steam Box we were all getting excited about? Turns out it's definitely a box. But it might not have anything to do with Steam. So there you go.

4chan is making its own Pokemon game. How can this go wrong? It just can't. Also — did you know that Steve Jobs is going to appear in a manga. I still remember when Barack Obama was in Air Gear. That was awesome. And finally, have some more leaked screenshots from that cool looking Star Wars game you'll never play.

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