While You Were Sleeping

Hey, it's Friday! And if you happen to live in NSW it's a long weekend! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Not too much going on overnight, but a couple of interesting things. This is the post that immediately turned my head: the cheap robot arm that turned one disabled kid into a sci-fi superstar. This looks brilliant.

And honestly, I don't need to be reading these excuses to get back into playing Skyrim again. That's probably the one game over the last couple of years that really sucked me into its universe. Anyway — this is the High King of Skyrim thing, which I find pretty funny! Your mileage may vary I suspect!

This is your daily reminder that not all worthwhile PC games are available on Steam, you might want to steer clear of this 'PC' version of GTA V and Audiosurf is back!

Have a great day everyone!

In Short Cheap Robot Arm Turns Disabled Kid Into Sci-Fi Superstar Reminder: Not All Worthwhile PC Games Are On Steam A PC Version Of Grand Theft Auto V Is For Sale On eBay Okay, Maybe The High King Of Skyrim Can Be A Nice Guy, Sorta Audiosurf Is Back And It Looks Better Than Ever


    Isn't it a long weekend in SA as well? No?
    Ah hell, I don't even go to work.

      I really love this comment for some reason.

    Man I want Wind Waker to come out today - who releases on a saturday!

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