While You Were Sleeping

Friday! While You Were Sleeping! News you might have missed! Other stuff!

Dark Souls II. My favourite game of the year so far. Easily. Pretty soon all you PC Master Race folk will get your chance to play. Consider this a public health warning: these three little piggies will mess you up real bad. DON'T ATTACK THEM! I did. They killed the crap out of me.

Super Smash Bros. has the best screenshots. The best. Check out a few here.

What else? Well these are just Skyrim GIFs, but a couple of things are interesting about them. First off, they're gorgeous, brilliantly well made and totally hypnotic. The second thing is this: they were made in the 'tropical' mod of Skyrim. Very cool.

What else? Well this is a look at the fact Samus in Super Smash Bros. now has heels for some reason. Might seem like a small detail, but it is weird. Also, South Park has gotten a name change following that massive internet security flaw.

In Short South Park Gets Name Change Following Internet Security Flaw Samus' New High Heels Are, Well... Skyrim GIFs Transform Winter Wasteland Into Tropical Getaway Dark Souls II's Best Early Joke Super Smash Bros Screenshots Are Just The Best


    *flies in* Imagine if those pics were of game characters sleeping in games... *flies out*

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