While You Were Sleeping The Wii Was Priced And Dated In Australia!

Oh man. So who else stayed up for all the Nintendo news last night? (Sleepily raises own hand.) Yep, I went to bed at 2am, and now I feel buggered. But it doesn't matter — we have a local Australian date and price for the Wii U and, remarkably, it's all good news!

I'm actually a bit flabbergasted by the Australian Price and date. Let's look at the precedent — when the original Wii launched in Australia is arrived late (first week of December) and was priced at $400. In the US the Wii launched at $250US, so when the US 'deluxe' set was priced at $350US, I assumed we would be paying $500 for the Wii U in Australia. At least. I'm happy to say that I was wrong.

I think maybe the definitive post we have on the Wii U is this one: 'Everything You Need To Know About The Wii U That Nintendo Was Willing To Tell Us'. If you want a quick round up — head in that direction promptly.

Other Wii U stuff? Well, here are some musings on New Super Mario Bros U, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming to the Wii U, and apparently Nintendo isn't supporting or selling the second Wii U gamepad at the US launch.

In Short Aussie Wii U Price And Release Date Revealed Nintendo Not Supporting Or Selling Second Wii U Gamepad For US Launch It's Impossible To Hate New Super Mario Bros U Everything You Need To Know About The Wii U That Nintendo Was Willing To Tell Us Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Is A Nintendo Exclusive For US and Europe


    Got to say - not trolling - it still seems like too high a price to me.

    The definitive post puts it on the same level as the PS#/Xbox, more or less (mostly more), but at that price?


    I'd be waiting for a price cut myself.

      The Australia Tax is still there, but it's lessening. There is still absolutely no reason for it though.

      I generally have to agree. It does have more ram than its current competitors. BUT... I think Microsoft and Sony can release a more powerful machine at a cheaper price point - I have a laptop with much, much better components, and it was only 600 (and its over a year old). Obviously the control pushed the price up a lot.

      If that...

      Lets wait to see what compelling games are made for it. Already on the games release list there are a few casual "mini-game" type titles, and these will just explode over the next 2 years until the system is bogged down (again) but this shovelware

      And region coding? Virtual Console details? Game prices?

    Article title needs to be changed to say "Wii U", not "Wii"

    also "launched in Australia is arrived late". Change "is" to "it". And get some sleep :)

    ...also maybe include the actual price and date in the article instead of just in the links. ok shutting up now.

    Don't think I ended up in bed til like 3 or something. But man it was worth it.

    E3 hype be damned, I'm all aboard that train now.

    Brilliant price. I'll be there launch day! Cant wait!!!

    We just need to know the Australian-only details now. That TVii stuff, what bundles with what, etc etc.

    What's the shovelware release schedule?

    As long as we get dance games and karaoke games, I think I can get my wife interested..

      Well going on the Wii track record, I'll dont think you'll ever have to worry about that

    Grammar. Shocking.

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