I'm Losing Track Of All These Halo 4 Trailers...

Halo is easily my favourite FPS series on console. Easily. Despite the fact I think the word should be put in a space capsule and shot into orbit, you might say I'm a Halo 'fanboy'. But even I'm struggling to keep up with the constant stream of Halo 4 trailers being released. Is this new? Have we all seen this before?

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's a new one!

Regardless, let's all watch it regardless. I still have my own personal worries about this game — but they're probably irrational, because Halo 4 is shaping up to be the prettiest Halo game yet, by a long way. If they can maintain the feel and balance the game is famous for, we could be in for a real Halo revival. I hope so, at least.

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    I saw a Halo4 trailer on tv the other day. It was actually the worst of all of their trailers. I have no idea why they chose it. Just long shots of Masterchiefs helmet for almost a full minute.

    So... a Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher. WOAH REVOLUNAMUTIONAMARY!

    sorry haha

      Was going to say the same thing. They've just taken existing weapons and turned the bullets into yellow lasers.

        ... They're not just yellow lazers and besides the story point of adding those weapons (weapons of the flood era used to disintegrate victims so they're not infected) they have completely different traits to the standard UNSC weapons:

        Light rifle: Unscoped short fire burst, scoped is like a dmr shot.
        Scattershot: Powerful rebounding hard light bullets.
        Supressor: Similar to the storm rifle but concentrates on health rather than shields.
        Incineration Cannon: Completely new, fires 5 mortars that leave a trail of fire that explode into a secondary explosion.
        Binary Rifle: Similar to the sniper rifle and beam rifle.
        Boltshot: Regular fire like a pistol but charged up secondary can kill in 1 hit if in close range.
        Pulse grenade: Encloses in a bubble like emp shield that implodes on itself causing opponents to disintegrate in range.

        As you can see most of the promethean weapons are more than just a cosmetic change and provide new strategies.

        In short, god no they are not just yellow lasers.

          1) Combine BR and DMR
          2) Sounds like a flak cannon (somewhat like the needler?)
          3) I don't know what the storm rifle is, but it seems like any old gun that just by-passes shields
          4) Similar to the sniper rifle and beam rifle :p
          5) Combination of the plasma pistol and a human pistol
          6) Sounds a lot like the bubble grenade from Halo 3

          I'm sorry if I appear to be flippant, but they just appear to be filler weapons. I've been waiting a long time to see what the Forerunners might actually be like (aside from architecture). I've read all the Halo novels, but these game play videos I am seeing are not showing interesting, story intergral weapons. Maybe in a novelised varient where the Flood plays a much more dangerous role I might be able to understand how forerunner tech might be of integral tactical importance, but in the video games? Kinda just seeing the same old weapons, combined or tweaked.

          I dunno. Halo just doesn't impress me anymore. Loved the universe, bored of the games.

            The weapons would have been designed around the thought of multiplayer 'balancing', rather than drawn from possible lore behind the forerunners. To keep multiplayer competitive and not have all factions owned by one side, it's an obvious decision.

    "marketing is what you do when your product is no good" Edwin Land

      Every AAA game you've loved in the last decade has likely had millions spent on marketing it.

      Tell that to Coke and Pepsi (just to start with) who spend more advertising than any other company in the world and have been doing so for the last... 20-30 years. From a business standpoint, they (literally) don't need to do any marketing and yet they spend like a billion dollars each - JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.

      These days marketing comes in all forms. It's not just about trying to get your product in the minds of viewers. As we've seen more and more it's often less about the productn itself and more about the feel and tone that the product (or company) portrays/creates.

      That's gotta be one of the most ignorant things I've heard today.

      I don't think you realise how easy it is for a product to get lost within today's marketplace.

      "That quote is bloody stupid." Spoons

    I wonder if the dubstep will make it into the soundtrack.

      I hope not. Was watching the Ragnarok/Mantis trailer, and almost cried at the dubstep. GO BACK TO ORCHESTRAL MUSIC!

      The dubstep is all from the remixed OST... which is available with the limited edition of the soundtrack.
      The actual game soundtrack apparently doesn't have it.

        Phew. Thought I might have to break some skulls for a moment.

    The Promethean weapons look satisfying to play with, but perhaps the more pressing issue is whether there will be any Promethean vehicles.

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