The David Fincher Halo 4 Launch Trailer Reveals Master Chief's Backstory

Remember late last week we mentioned that David Fincher would be producing a Halo 4 launch trailer? Well this is it folks, and it's a little bit special.

It's way more action packed than most Halo launch trailers and it actually features more of Master Chief than you might have expected. Actually — it comes as close as any media I've ever seen to showing Master Chief's face (you see a bit of his bald head).

Seriously, just watch it. Very well put together.

Thanks Polygon!


    That's pretty awesome. But all they need to do in order to sell the game to me is play the Halo theme. That always gets me pumped for Halo.

    That makes up for Alien 3

    Not sure if I want to see this. Maybe it says in the books already, I haven't read them. I like not even knowing what colour MC's skin is...

      He does get a huge chunk of backstory in the, books, yeah. It's actually mentioned a bit in Halo 3 in some of Cortana's lines.

    I'm not gone in the head abut it... the stuff on the beach looks cheesy as all get out.

    That was very badass. Already knew what they had shown before from other mediums but still awesome.

    Cheesy beach scene aside, that was brilliant. With Forward Unto Dawn's successful demonstration of a videogame movie, I think converting say, The Fall of Reach, into a movie seems like a good idea. Maybe even First Strike or Ghosts of Onyx? Of course, that's if there are no writers who can create some amazing new stories!

      +1 for ghosts of onyx.
      Would anyone not want to see 300 Spartan 3s running headlong into battle? :p

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