See How Pretty Far Cry 3 Looks On PC

For nearly all of its pre-release marketing, Ubisoft has for some reason decided to focus on Far Cry 3's cast and weird stuff like animals. Instead of, you know, the things people like most about those games: free-roaming action.

This 16-minute clip, on the other hand, has almost nothing but, and is of the PC version to boot, so if you kick the video up to 1080p you'll get a look at some grass so nice it makes you want to skip through it in slow-motion.

Kirk reviewed the game earlier today. He thought it was pretty damn good.

Far Cry 3 - Let´s play Special Dr. Earnhardts erster Auftrag / PC [YouTube]


    Why does my wallet weigh less after watching this video?

      Cause i took your cash while you were entranced in this video. =)

    Even though I've only just started Hitman Absolution and Assassin's III withing the last couple of days I'm still very very eager for Far Cry 3.

    My PC is more than capable of max settings for this and I can't wait to see it in all it's glory come the 29th...

    There was never a question if I would buy it, but after reading some super positive reviews and seeing the latest gameplay offerings it has only made me even more excited.

    Going to roster myself off on 29th. Better put the coming weekend to good use and enjoy Hitman and ACIII while I have no other distractions...

    This just rubs it in more that I can't play it yet :(

    I am hoping my computer can run this on high settings, it runs Battlefield 3 on high settings, Max Payne 3 on high as well

    why use a controller for fps on PC lol

      because, while keyboard+mouse is more accurate, some people are just more comfortable with a controller?

    Looks really nice.. glad I pre-ordered it.. just hope the shipping is not too long.. though it's certainly something worth waiting for. :)

    Is this really the PC version?... whys it get the guy to press x button to open doors and stuff?....So far im not really impressed with the graphics, crysis is like how old now??? and it looks way better than this. I'm sure its a great game and all..but i dont reckon this is actually the pc version of it, and if it is, than can we turn up the texture detail??

      I have no idea what your"re looking at. The game looks amazing. The lighting in this game does not even compare. Crysis is using old tech. The reason why pc"s struggled so much is because of how shitty the optimization was with cryengine 1.

      Firstly, X button because game pad, as you can see in the opening options menu.
      I agree with you about the graphics. Looks like a Crysis 1 clone to me (and that was just a Far Cry 1 clone + a resolution/texture upgrade). So overall, not very impressive.
      Lastly, he had the settings turned up to ultra default. The textures and ambient light settings remained on high, not ultra. Unsure if there is even an option to increase those particulars.

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