This Code Gives You 25% Off At Green Man Gaming

A few nights ago, I was about ready to pull the trigger on XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam. Before hitting the seductive "Buy" button, I decided to take a quick look at Green Man Gaming, which tends to offer discounted prices for Steam keys over Steam itself. Indeed, it was cheaper. That and I spied a 25 per cent off code that makes it even easier on the wallet.

The code you want is GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S, courtesy of the nice folks at Reddit, though the combination of numbers and digits is on the front page of GMG right now.

With it, XCOM is an affordable $U33.75, while Dishonored comes to $US45. Note that it doesn't work when buying games in bulk — the code will only apply to the first game in your basket.

The deal is good until November 9, so you have a few days to consider your purchases, if any.

Hot Deals [Green Man Gaming, via Reddit]


    Brought a few games from their, tho they used to be better until publishers caught onto them selling to Australians, but its still much better than others. Do not however buy no steam games, their downloader sucks, I bought condemed for 23 cents and it took ages (tho it was only 23 cents).

    While X-Com looks tempting and I am going to settle on some Crusader Kings 2 DLC, Hotline Miami and wait on until Far Cry 3 and Hitman which are probably going to be my holiday purchases per steam sale.

    I love GMG, I think I've got about 10 games from them now. Pitty some publishers have upped their prices.

    My bargin find of the week is from Game/Gamesplanet UK about $23 for ME3.

    Was waiting for a good deal on com. Knew something would come through.

    Logan, you are a god. I love you.

    ack! GMG are still having payment auth issues. Poo. :(

    I've never had success with this site. If it's not having issues logging in, it's having issues accepting payment. They really need to fix it.

      GMG unlike most sites is case sensitive on your username as well as your password. Quite a few people have trouble with that.

        I used to use the site frequently, and but I haven't been able to successfully complete a payment is several months. I emailed the about it, and and while they did respond, it was along the lines of w' e' ve fixed that already, but here's a discount.'' The problem is they haven't fixed it all. I've tried three different card from e different machines using two different accounts and it still won't work.

          Have you tried using PayPal? I've never had a problem making a PayPal payment through GMG.

    FYI- This makes the newest Football Manager 2013 $30 from the $79.99 you pay on steam.

    The Greatest Football Management Sim and it's $30... thank you GMG...

    Just bought Hitman Absolution for $34. :D

    Some friends and I bought XCOM for $27 from here. Deal apparently expires tomorrow and they have limited stock so be quick.

    Seems a bit 'dodgy' compared to GMG but I can confirm it works perfectly fine :)

    For those having payment issues with their credit card system: pay using paypal (and then your credit card) instead of your card directly through their site. Worked for me.

      Yup, that's how I did it.
      No issues. :)

    Adding my thanks to the chorus. An excellent find, me and several friends have just picked up XCOM on the cheap thanks to you.

    i check GMG nearly every day... lol.. they have great deals like this quite frequently

    GMG have these 25% off codes almost constantly.. I know that if they don't have one on the day I go to make a purchase, that if I wait a day there will be another. I'd say 80 to 90 percent of the time they have either a 20 or 25 percent discount code available, right on their site.

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