Here’s An Actual Game Running On The Ouya

Here’s An Actual Game Running On The Ouya

So, we’ve seen proof that the Ouya exists, in an unboxing video seen last week. But that clip stopped just short of showing any actual games running on it. Well, now you can see software running on the Android-based hardware.

The game above is Roasty Rooster, in development by Finnish studio Aptual. It looks just like thousands of games that you’d play on your phone or tablet, only it’s being controlled by a gamepad and is blown up on a big screen. A transparent Ouya dev kit is over there on the left, sitting on top of what looks like an Apple TV. (You think that’s a metaphor for something?) Whatever you think of Roasty — and honestly, the game doesn’t do much to wow me, based on what’s shown — this clip is the first sign the record-breaking crowdfunded console will at least some what has been promised.


  • Ouya is only meant to be for the smaller time waster games though. Large skyrim games won’t appear on it, but you’ll get some gems that are on the android store.

  • I’m excited for the potential of emulators with the Ouya. Having a ‘modern’ gamepad synced to a console that could possibly run games up to the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era is a thrilling prospect for yours truly. It seems as though the devolpers of the Ouya believe the same although remain mum on the topic due to the obvious legal infringements and implications. If it suceeds, it would be the one retro console to rule them all, that is until another company tries to take a piece of the proverbial pie and makes their own rival console or one of the current first or third party companies issues a notice of copyright infringement.

    • Have you considered a Raspberry Pi? I use one as my XBMC unit and it’s great. Especially for the $35ish dollars it cost me.

    • Seconded. I have a RASPBMC setup and it is easily the best of the MCE, aTV or PS3 options I’ve tried. And a fraction of the cost. Great ongoing development too!

          • What was the final cost of your RASPBMC setup? A full list of what you bought (enclosures, software etc) would be great.

            In particular, did you go a wireless adapter with it (which one, is it supported in XBMC as well etc)?


          • I used a wired connection (as I stream a lot of 1080p videos). Otherwise I bought the Pi itself from element14 for $38 and a case for a few dollars (can’t find it on the website at the moment but you can get an enclosed Pi for $50). I had an SD card and micro USB to power cable lying around.

            Really though, for convenience; this should do the trick. I haven’t checked for other vendor prices though. But $85 + shipping is not bad if you need the lot. Just format the card if you want to use RASPMC.

            Software required is open source and free!

  • hmm the unit is only $100? What happens when Samsung LG, and other TV manufacturers start integrating Android into their tvs? Have remotes that double as gamepads? It wont jack up the price of a TV by so much it makes it too expensive by having this built in.

    • Its more the store. LG won’t want to give google 30% of the takings so they will make their own store, which they won’t support because it isn’t a core business feature.

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