Rest In Peace, PlayStation 2 (2000-2012)

Having stopped shipping in Japan last year, The Guardian has confirmed with Sony that PlayStation 2 production has now ceased worldwide.

Let that sink in for a second. There are no more PlayStation 2 consoles being made. Anywhere. Once the new consoles already on shelves are gone, that's it.

While it's almost 13 years old, and has long ceased to be relevant as a frontline console, the fact is the PS2 was still, until very recently, selling over a million units a year, and was outselling more contemporary platforms like Sony's handhelds.

It's been with us for so long, and been such an important console for so long, that it's kind of hard imagining a world where there are no more PlayStation 2s available on a shelf.

With over 150 million consoles sold since its release in 2000, the PS2 is easily the world's most successful home video game console of all time.

You'll see a lot of people point to things like the PS2's DVD player and series like Grand Theft Auto (a former console exclusive on Sony's machine) as the pillars of its success, but I've always felt the things that really pushed the PS2 into the stratosphere were efforts like SingStar, which helped drive the console into the mainstream (and helped sales explode in Europe, previously a third wheel in console markets) long before the Wii came along.

Perhaps the most fitting tribute for the console, at least from me personally, is that while I traded in my Xbox in 2006, and my GameCube sits on a shelf alongside action figures, my silver PlayStation 2 remains not just out in the open, but plugged into the TV.

The PlayStation 2 is survived by one child, the PlayStation 3, and a nephew, the PlayStation Portable.

PlayStation 2 manufacture ends after 12 years [The Guardian]


    My PS2 is still hooked up because Sony are cheap bastards and wont make the PS3 backwards compatible!!!
    Xbox was stored long ago and Gamecube... and Wii are dust collectors.

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      The launch PS3s were backwards compatible. I have a 60gb 'FAT' launch console and it happily plays PS2 games. Looks like you were just a little too slow to upgrade, or were a 'cheap bastard' who refused to at launch.

    Actually have more PS2 games than PS3 and still play them.

    Fingers crossed this new Nvidia Shield with the Tegra 4 has enough juice to handle PS2 emulation reasonably well. If so then day 1 for me.

      Not a chance of any PS2 emulation on mobile devices unfortunately. Not only are any mobile CPUs not capable of producing enough raw power. But from what I hear there would be major issues porting any emulators over to any ARM based mobile processor (including Tegra), the way the processors work is just incompatible. Fortunately the PS2's MIPS processor worked in a similar way to x86 processors found in your average PC, but that was not the case with Android or Apple devices.

      So as I understand it to get PS2 emulation working on mobiles a lot of incredibly difficult coding would need to be done to not only rebuild the emulator from the ground up, but also solve a lot of problems with the CPU's architecture. Then even once that's done unless they come up with an incredibly nice way of working around things you'll probably need more power than emulation requires on a PC to get some solid fps which would still be a while off. Pretty much all deemed as being to hard with not enough interest for a now dead console. :'(

        All we can do it home for Intel to make there break into the market while packing some heat.
        Which doesn't appear to be happening any time soon with Apple and Samsung happily dominating with their own series of processors.

        I need to make an account so I can edit S#@&. MIPS was the PS1's processor that was simiar to Android actually not the PS2's similar to x86.

        Any ways. There is some very interesting discussion on it all in this thread here.

        Be warned it is a bit like a roller-coaster of hope and disrepair as ideas are destroyed. The first 6 pages has some talk about issues with ARM development. The last few I haven't yet read but I seem as if people are beginning to get hopeful about something else.

          Ah well that is a shame. I always figured that due to PS1 emulation doing quite well on android that with the Tegra 4 being much more powerful, PS2 emulation would not be a stretch. Seems not the case. Sad Panda :(

    Ehh its only 4mil ahead of the DS and considering it had 6 year head start, its not that far ahead

    NOOO!!!! I need to get mine back from my brother in law so that I may protect it! :'(

    You're not going to disappear on me yet my baby!!!

    Grab an unopened one while you can. Those things will increase in price with age - I bet you.

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    Singstar is the reason we bought a PS2 (I was a Nintendo man up till then) - GTA was the reason I kept it (also the reason I never bought a Wii!)

    IMO they missed the boat with Singstar - we bought a PS2 in 2008! (PS3 was already 2 years old at this point) got hooked on all the Singstar games, when we were finally ready to move up to the next gen it came down to a choice between Xbox and PS3, had PS3 been backwards compatible, I would've bought one, to keep my Singstar collection.

    This is where Sony really failed, they had a console which tonnes of Casual players bought to play Singstar, Buzz and Guitar Hero (a few crazies bought that eyetoy - but come on!) and then you investigate the next gen and find out you not only cant use your old games, but you have to get a new bunch of unweildy peripherals to play on the new machines.

    I reckon Nintendo has seen this situation play out and it's the reason why you can use a WiiMote on a WiiU and in two years time (Casuals never jump in straight away) the wisdom of that decision will bear fruit.

      The launch PS3s were backwards compatible. I have a 60gb 'FAT' launch console and it happily plays PS2 games. Looks like you were just a little too slow to upgrade.

    The PS2 remains an excellent console - so many great games! Long live the PS2!

    Even though I have two perfectly functional ones (PAL & NTSC), I jumped the gun and bought another NTSC one, which shall stay unopened unless the other dies. Most of my games are NTSC. I do fear that my Dreamcast may die someday and I could never play those games again. As a collector, emulation isn't anywhere near as compelling.

    A NIB Dreamcast goes for $650 today, and I really wish I had gotten a backup one way back when

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