Revengeance Demo Dated, Box Art Revealed

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hits store shelves on February 21st, but you'll be able to slash futuristic robots with Raiden as early as next week, in a demo for PSN and Xbox Live.

Confession time: I've never been much of a Metal Gear Solid fan. Many of the references in Revengeance will probably go over my head. But the fact that Platinum games are making it? That's enough to convert me, right there. As I mentioned in our Anarchy Reigns Community Review, these guys know what they're doing.

The demo will be available on the 23rd of January, and will showcase its Zan-Datsu combat system, which involves taking necessary items and recharging your energy as you cut through enemies.

Here's the face of Revengeance:


    Confession time?

    Is... is that a reference to Metroid: Other M? Cause if it is, I might have to get very angry. passed? Did they change anything to it? Can you still dissect melons?

      I thought this was going to get an R classification.

      Maybe we're getting the Japanese version, that replaced all humans with robots.

        It's actually that way for every version of the game. Pretty much every 'human' enemy is a cyborg, so that you're not bisecting actual humans and ripping out their spines for energy, and so they don't need to make changes for different territories in order to get it through the various ratings systems.

      I'm assuming it's because most foes are cyborgs and otherwise non-human.

    I'll definitely be trying this out, mainly because I'm curious how the gameplay feels - it looks similar to Afro Samurai, minus the blood, and more fast-paced. Does the slicey-dicey break the flow of the action too much? Afro Samurai's mechanic seemed a little gratuitous, and in the middle of a fight, it was very jarring to suddenly stop and have to consider just how you wanted to dismantle your opponent. The whole mechanic seemed clunky and unnecessary, and it got old very quickly...

      I played the demo on the ZOE HD disc (it was an import), and using the slow-mo in combat actually still manages to keep the flow. The only jarring thing is that you have to change from just button presses, to more precise control with the sticks, but the more you get used to it, the more natural it becomes in combat.

    I'm confused for maximum sales shouldn't it be a generic looking dude with a gun of some sort? That's what the kids want these days.

    Jokes aside I like it, Nothing says Slice 'em up like a Cyborg ninja cutting a terminator in half.

    I'll check out the demo. Doubtful as I am, I really want this to be good.

    I've had the LE game & guide preordered for a while now. Super hype. The crazyness of KP for story/cutscenes and Platinum for gameplay is blowiing my mind. The cheese this game dishes out every time I see or trailer or muck around with the demo is incredible. SO HYPE!

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