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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    So marinating a whole chicken breast in Coca-Cola does not work very well. I suggest smaller pieces that will more readily absorb the flavours. Chicken wings and drummettes, maybe.
    Thought you should all know.

      These brussel sprouts cook in Coca-Cola are pretty great though.

      The mental image of you trying to force a chicken into a bottle of coke shall be with me till the end of days ... I've never tried coke marinades, do they have the bish seal of approval?

        It's like building a model ship and then stuffing it into those small bottles.

        Coke marinade? It's okay. The Coke flavour is fairly subtle but it does have a nice sweetness to it... but so many other flavours do it better, like Honey Soy.
        It's novel.

      Coke works better with pork. Or duck.
      If you want your chicken breast to absorb the flavours more, slash the top of it a few times. Has the added bonus of cooking a bit faster as well.

    I saw Wreck-It-Ralph yesterday.

    It was one day too late to be the best movie of 2012, so instead it sets a very high bar for the new year. Good way to start.

      I don't mind if I miss the Hobbit, but this movie I want to see.

      It was indeed a pretty good movie. My whole family saw it the other day and enjoyed it immensely.

      It is indeed a fantastic film. I saw it last year so it gets my patented "Movie Of The Year" award.

    Most anticipated movies for 2013?

    The one I'm looking forward to seeing next is The Impossible, but there's lots of good stuff on the horizon.

      Die hard 5,
      Evil Dead Reboot,
      Fast and Furious 6,
      Grown Ups 2,
      Dirty Dancing Reboot,
      28 Months Later,
      Akira Remake,
      Austin Powers 4,
      Bridget Jones Baby,
      Chronicles of Riddick,
      Hangover 3,
      Pirates of The Carribean 5,
      Robocop Reboot,
      Spawn Reboot,
      Thor 2,
      Wolverine 2,
      Zombieland 2.

      So much originality and creativity on display this year.

        ... is this a real list? I honestly don't know what to think. Either way, I'm kind of appalled.

        Last edited 02/01/13 11:31 am

          28 Months Later?


          Danny Boyle back on it?

            Doubt it.

            It'd be awesome if he was but I thought he'd said he doesn't like sequels?

          Not entirely. A few of these aren't real/confirmed/coming out this year. Also, Anchorman isn't on there.

      Star Trek's up there.

      Maybe Superman, but Im still not sure.

      Django, obviously.

      Sound City because it's the year of the Doco.

      Monsters-U (or whatever they're calling the new Monsters Inc)

      And no doubt some indie movie around the middle - back end of the year.



      Holy crap, it looks incredible.

        Also Zero Dark Thirty because Chris Pratt & Joel Edgerton in a Bigelow action movie.

        Oh yeah, Sound City. Looks good. Did you pre-order and get the free videos from the website?

          Not yet.

          Was gonna pre-order through my US iTunes account.

          Checkin' the website now.

          Looks like a way better deal through them.

          Might grab the album as wellllllllllllllll.


            The soundtrack is so solid, definitely pick that up too.

        Stoker looks pretty damn good too and that's coming from someone who doesn't care for Nicole Kidman.

          Gravity too! The new Alfonso Cuaron movie!

            I just watched the teaser.

            Oh man, worst teaser I've seen in a while.

            Still, new Cuaron is exciting.

              Yeah, man. I couldn't agree more. Someone mentioned it after I saw Children of Men and that was enough to get me excited about the movie. The trailer doesn't even remotely do that. :P

              Last edited 02/01/13 12:03 pm

                I just read that apparently it's been in post for a while which would explain why it's without a proper trailer.

                This just jumped very high on my list.

          Ah shit, completely forgot about this, yeah this does look amazing

      Star Trek, Superman, Hobbit 2, Iron Man 3. That's all I can think of right now.

        Star Trek's going to be awesome! Superman, I've never liked. Same with Hobbits. And Iron Man. :P

        We're very different people, you and I. :P

          I've never seen a whole Superman movie before. Haven't really had much interest in them. The trailers for the new one look pretty cool though.
          Iron Man movies are good. Not brilliant, but okay. Iron Man seems to be the role Robert Downey Jr was born to play. He does it really well.
          LOTR/The Hobbit are awesome. There's definitely something wrong with you :P

      Director of Drive reteaming with Gosling and this poster is enough to get me excited

      Edit: effing moderation, have to break this up...

      Last edited 02/01/13 1:03 pm

        ...Gosling's doing something with the director of Blue Valentine called 'The Place Beyond the Pines' which looks rather incredible. , page has a trailer. Also Ben Mendelsohn.

        Yes I have a man crush, so what...

          Oh! Oh! 'Mama', looks like it could be good -

          Great Gatsby looks like it could be pretty good too. Got hopes up for Oz, Raimi's next. Probably forgot a bunch, I'll add some if I recall them.

            Mama looks all kinds of awesome! My kind of movie. I know you didn't like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, but some of the del Toro 'presents' stuff I've really liked!

              Yeaaaaah DBAOTD was... bad. So unimaginative. Scary elements were just embarrassing. Ending was ridiculous.

                Oh yeah? Well atleast I don't have a Christmas hat gravatar still! *runs off sobbing*

                Haha! In all seriousness, I really thought it was kind of solid. You've obviously seen much more movies to compare it against, but I liked the slow burn atmosphere. *shrugs* :D

                  No, not at all! Just expressing my opinion, to each their own

                  @sughly: I do know what you mean, though. The basic premise didn't feel very original at all.

        Oh, Drive. That's still on my list of movies to see!

          I haven't seen it either! :P

          Come to think of it I've watched a movie every day for the past few days... I think I'll go The Cabin in the Woods today!

            I am downvoting you and @dc because you both should watch Drive. And Cabin in the Woods.

              I haven't watched either yet!

                My only regret is that I can only downvote you once. Wait! I'll downvote you on 2 separate posts, once for each movie!

                  Damn. Now I have to go through and downvote every comment he's ever made. I'd better go grab a coffee - this could take a while...

    Succumbed to last-minute peer pressure and will be meeting Aleph and Freeze today. Don't even have time for the regular pre-meat jitters, my train leaves soon!

    I need some food.

    EDIT: My official 'red dinosaur' and 'sportsball' meat shirts are in the wash /o\

    Last edited 02/01/13 11:23 am

      Those two are awesome, man! No need for pre-meat jitters!

      I hope you're also coming up on the weekend, because I still intend to try and make it there by then.

      And have fun today. They're good people.

      Well, you know, they could be worse.


        I plan to, I just need details so I can arrange possible accommodation so I can stay up there for longer!

      I honestly don't think I'd recognise you without a dinosaur shirt on.

        It's the only thing that distinguishes me from the other whities.

      But Masha is there as well :-(

      Oh you mean people you haven't met :-)

    Okay, fuck waiting. I've waited too long already. 400MSP but only for US accounts.

    Is there a way I can get this? Please HELP ME, I must play this game.

      Offer's still there to recount the game's story, beat-by-beat...

      That's 400 points an episode, though. (Unless I'm reading it wrong?)

      Just a matter of getting a U.S. account and credit, right? I think. :S

      Last edited 02/01/13 11:40 am

        Yeah, looks like the special I found was 4 days old (800 MSP for the whole thing)

        Back to thumb-twiddling. I'll find a way to play this on my Xbox damnit. :(

          Too bad there's no demo so you can't attempt to run it on your PC. :S

          Do you have a PS3? I don't know how much 800MSP is translated into real money, but I bought the season pass (i.e. all 5 episodes) for PS3 for US$20 off the US store 2 days ago - paid just under AU$57 for US$50 of US PS Store credit from, received PSN code by email in under an hour. If all you want is TWD you can get a US$20 code for US$24 which is what... AU$22-23?

          Season pass also included a bonus PS3 theme, which I have now applied to my PS3, replacing my long-standing Uncharted 3 theme! Anyhoo, I figured that if it's that many people's GOTY then I can pay ~$22 for it.

          Also picked up Choplifter HD which I've wanted for ages but has, for some unknown reason, disappeared off the AU PSN store. Still got $20 credit left which I'm hanging onto for the next time something I want that doesn't get released over here (or is just a lot cheaper on the US store) comes along.

            Thanks dude, my PS3 is on its way out, so I'm reserving its limited lifespan for Dark Souls :)

      I'm pretty sure you can buy US content if you make a US account. Only problem is that you'll need a US credit card to buy stuff or you can just buy US MS points codes online...

      that should work?

        Yeah, I figured out that I need a fake US billing address to buy MSP from Amazon, and then a fake US XBLA account to redeem and purchase the game (which I already set up "ShaneWSmith2").

        So much fraud. I'll think about it.

          Honestly it seems a bit troublesome, just get it on PS3/PC! :P

            No. I'm taking a stand on this, god damnit. Next XBLA special, I'm getting it.

            Last edited 02/01/13 12:29 pm

          Ask Fatshady for tips? Pretty sure he has a US account set up.

      NVM I just remembered my wife and I promised each other we wouldn't spend any non-necessary money for at least a fortnight, to try to catch up on the credit card after Christmas. /o\

    I've got The Sopranos theme stuck in my head. I blame you, @shane... :'(

    Music you last heard game courtesy of Freeze, Aleph and Myself: We are listening to mostly crap mixes in DJ Hero 2. There are some good ones though

    It's still a good game.

    Ha ha we slept playing games and woke up playing games. A true TAYbie sleepover. :-)


    I am thinking of buying Ghost Recon Future Soldier for my computer, through Steam *obvi*

    I had this on Xbox, I loved it but never had the time to finish it and traded it in

    Anyone have it on PC?

      I'm sorry Spaghett, I'm not answering your question until you commit to meeting us tonight. Tough love and all that :-)

      I'm weak, I can't be mean. I've never owned the Ghost Recon games. I played the future soldier beta and demo and it seemed fun. Initial impressions led me to believe it was better for co-op players though.

        I love the tough love angle, and I am really sorry I can't come out tonight

        I really enjoyed Future Soldier, so I may just get it, depending on pricing

        Thanks for your insight, you crazy mashing fool

      Ha ha, just saw your reply on the previous page. That's Ok man. There's always next time. Enjoy your day :-)

    Well balls. Stupid email won't work properly with my new phone. Keeps saying password is incorrect. I'll have you know it is not since I JUST changed it.

      Should have bought a Nokia :P
      (You saw that one coming from a mile away, didn't you?)

    SydneyAdventure2013 Day 2 seems like it will have more participants this time thanks to Powalen. We're still unsure about Spaghett. Remember any Sydney folks are welcome to join us for whatever we will be doing.

    Current plans:
    1. Go have pancakes for breakfast/lunch
    2. Possibly buy PEZ a toilet brush and bathroom mat :-)
    3. Walk around Sydney just bumming around and coming up with plans on the fly.

    One of the best things for me on this trip, other than hanging out with the cool Freeze and Aleph, is all the Asian food I've been having. It's a nice change from my relatively boring food palette. Korean BBQ on the 31st, Japanese for lunch on the 1st (the lunch boxes at Poporo were awesome and filling) and Dumplings at George street for dinner.

    So come along one and all.

      Pez might be offended if you feel the need to buy him a toilet brush. :P

      Do another one of these in like Feb and I might be there :P

      Hello! I'm working near Central till 8 tonight, If y'alls are still around I'd love to have a drink with people. I'll wear my black suit spider-man shirt just in case.
      use [email protected] to contact me

        Muddy! Sorry, I only just checked TAY now... Probably way too late for you if you're working tomorrow etc, but we're in Homebush, and I'm more than happy to meet you if it suits with you?

        Sorry mate /o\

          Ah no worries! its not really too late since I start work late afternoon but I am already in my pyjamas (score one for Prof. Farnsworth) Next time I'll try TYPING LOUDER TO GET ATTENTION
          Have a good night

    Wait, hasn't the Total War Franchise already been a Steam Daily Deal?
    Also, the Crysis Collection is on sale. You should buy it because those games are pretty cool.

    The HBO Opening Credits Appreciation Club

    Six Feet Under

      Someone post The Wire ...I'm lazy.

      I like some openings better than others and I think Season 4 had a terrible one :P

      EDIT: apparently not that lazy

      (also really wanted to hear the themes again :D)

      Last edited 02/01/13 12:30 pm

        I bought season 1 of The Wire last week for $11. Will be trying it in the near future as soon as we run out of Sopranos to watch.

      Dexter has the most amazing opening credits.

      Also, even though I dislike the show, Walking Dead's opening credits are great.

        They're not HBO. Get out.
        Though they both have really awesome opening credits. Really awesome.

        Last edited 02/01/13 12:28 pm

          Close enough. Since we're talking AMC, better include Mad Men too. :D

            Breaking Bad!

            If I recall you didn't watch it? >:( bad D.C.

              Great show, meh opening credits.

              It's up there with Lost's opening sequence.

                True :P I just want D.C. to watch it

                  Nah, there's a reason I don't watch. I'm sure it's quality, but I can only handle darkness like that in small doses. Same reason I didn't watch Sopranos.

                  DC, I think Six Feet Under is the darkest show I've ever seen. Breaking Bad doesn't compare. Even the Sopranos doesn't compare.

                  @shane: Different kind of darkness. The bad people doing bad things to each other kind of badness I can only handle in small doses, not the 'holy fuck, these are my darkest thoughts' Six Feet Under kind. :P

      My sister fast forwards through them all. Makes me sad. :(

      Curb Your Enthusiasm!

      EDIT: I'm thinking more opening theme music rather than openings :P

      Last edited 02/01/13 12:35 pm

      Not a fan of True Blood, but the opening credits genuinely disturb me. Haha!

        I don't like the show, but I really, really like the opening theme.

    So its superduper hot up here right now. So hot it was already unbearably hot at dawn. We have a metal/plastic swingset with a slide. My son just slid down the slide wearing nothing but undies and a t-shirt.
    "Ow! Ow! OWW! I sunburned my bottom! Mummy, you forgot to put suncream on my bottom!"

      Silly Strangeling.

      It is definitely hot. I woke up half an hour ago, nice and sweaty. Moved downstairs where it's more tolerable.

    So apparently XSeed are going to be announcing something fairly major soon, a game which is 'not out in Japan yet'.

    Expectation: Senran Kagura for PS Vita
    Possibility: Oboro Muramasa Vita port
    Also Possible: New Ys IV (I suspect they'll be doing this eventually anyway, since XSeed are Falcom's main partner)
    Hope: Sen no Kiseki, the new PS3 Trails game (not sure if they have a translated title yet, 'Sen', 閃, means Flash, but Trails of the Flash sounds stupid)

    I now own a 3ds.

    That's sitting in my home back in Canada.


    I'd like to buy a vita for the trip home, but it'd be cheaper buying it when I'm at LA for my stop-over, and well, by then I'd have already survived the long flight, right?... Ah well.

    so 3ds/ds game suggestions gogogogogo. I like and will play anything.

      When do you head back to Canada?

        9th. Guess we'll never get to meet, D.C. :P

          :'( That's too bad, man. You have a good time here, though?

      Do you like Final Fantasy? Theatrhythm is good but it's kind of a fans-only deal. Other than that there's the Nintendo stuff.

      EDIT: Also note the system's region locked so assuming it's a north American 3DS you'll need to buy the games in Canada.

      Last edited 02/01/13 1:04 pm

        Hyup, plan to get some duty-free shopping done while I'm in LA. I've played through a few FF games so Thearthythm is on my list.

      But will it be cheaper!?!

      California has the highest sales tax don't it?

      Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is totally cheap ($22) here for some reason.
      I bought it because it was cheap.

    Ohhhh!! Remembered another film! Sin City, A Dame To Kill For! Keep forgetting about that.

    Edit: And also stumbled across this, which should be good because a) the casting and b) Clooney makes good films

    Last edited 02/01/13 1:27 pm

      Holy crap, that is a good cast!

      The story sounds a bit lame, but holy hell that's a good cast.

      Edit: Also, re: Sin City, Alexa Vega makes me feel weird. She should still be a child.

      Edit 2: Speaking of Alexa Vega, Machete Kills comes out this year, so I'll add that to the list.

      Last edited 02/01/13 1:41 pm

        Felt the same way about Madeline Zima in Californication :(

          This! So much this. I had to stop watching.


    It's good to have TAY back. I've missed. it. :')

      Quick, while he's happy, everybody make like a tree and GTFO!

      Oh, crap. That sounds kind of insulting to the people who've been around. I just mean it's nice to have a busy TAY again. Skeleton crew TAY was great when there was talking, but not for the hours in between. :P

        Too late. I've decided to never speak to you again.

    My face hurts

    I think my sinuses might be muffed up

    Damn it health (Also, Damnit @dc) :)

    It is 1:37pm, and more than usual I am watching the clock

    Lunchtaku: 2013 Budget edition

    1. Take bread of choice.
    2. Apply Spinach dip to bread
    3. Sprinkle grated cheese as desired
    4. Apply second slice of bread
    5. Toast in sandwich toaster
    6. ???
    7. Profit.

    Conclusion: would eat again (because I already bought all the ingredients). 7.5/10 Bishes

    Last edited 02/01/13 1:43 pm

    So I decided to buy Carrier Command: Gaea Mission on a whim the other day.

    I've never played the original but I keep hearing it was very significant in gaming history so I figured I'd give it a go.

    Micro review
    Overall I'm liking it so far though I'm unable to say exactly why. It might just be that I'm very partial to games that mixt strategy with tactical (pretty sure I've sunk well over 1000 hours into total war franchise.)

    The built of the game is basically logistics on the strategy side. The tactical part you manage several units at once, work out the best way to order accomplish objectives and can directly take over any unit at any time to increase their efficiency.

    Well that's the theory at any rate. In reality the tactical part seems to be mainly about juggling your direct control between units to try and stop the derp AI from doing anything too ridiculously stupid. I'm not actually convinced this is a bad thing though. This juggling act actually seems to be where a lot of the fun derives from. As the strategic part of the game isn't separated and is occurring at the same time as the tactical parts the entire game is basically a test in prioritization abilities having to work out what thing is most important at any particular moment and requires your direct attention.

    They also throw first person shooter stages in there now and then though as they unit controls are kind of clunky these aren't the highlight of the game but do provide a nice variety stage to stop the game play getting to stale.

    My biggest dislike is the game is often very poor at indicating where you are supposed to go or what you are supposed to do in order to progress. Though as many older games I can think of suffer from poor level design in this way it's possible this is accurate to the original.

      Page three! We're on you!

        Dear DC,
        Not everyone is as silly as Sughly(say that 5 times fast! :D ) and doesn't realise there's a new page until it's almost too late. :P
        I do have a suggestion though, if you're going to draw people's attention to the fact that there is more TAY on a new page, maybe reply to the last comment you yourself made on the "old" page so whoever you're responding to doesn't get all excited with their notification only to find you're not actually discussing their comment.

          I've been feeling bad about that very thing, actually. Thanks Strange! :)

            About trying to say "silly as Sughly" 5 times fast? Don't feel bad, it's very tricky! ;P

            Sorry too, Gorzilla. I just get carried away when it comes to running jokes. :P

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