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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Everything that's been on sale on GOG is on sale again today! Sierra Quest games, Daedalic Bundle... everything... Just thought I'd give the heads up!

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      Angling for another gift, eh?

      ... all right.
      Which one do you want? :)

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        :S Oh, man. I hope you're joking. Would never do that.

          Yeah, dude, this time I'm joking. Remember, I'm on spending embargo.

            Phew, just didn't want you to think I was mooching. Just thought I'd give the heads up, cause I know Strange was interested in some of the Sierra games in particular. Haha! Truth be told, my GOG collection eclipses my Steam collection by far. So many adventure games. :D

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              That Sierra bundle is pretty amazing.

              Here are some of the best bundles for adventure gamers, if anyone's interested:

              Assorted Indie Adventures -- Gemini Rue, Resonance, The Blackwell Games, Machinarium, Botanicula, To the Moon and Stacking. This could keep an adventure game enthusiast entertained for days! $19.93

              Quest for Sierra -- All the QfG, King's Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest games. I probably wouldn't recommend lots of these, they haven't aged well. Like I said the other week, though -- good if you're looking to complete an adventure game collection! $19.92

              Belated Halloween -- All three Gabriel Knight games. They're excellent, my favourite adventure game series of all-time. Also has the Phantasmagoria games, for better or worse. :P $8.45

              The Daedalic Bundle -- Deponia, The Whispered World, Edna & Harvey, Dark Eye and A New Beginning. Daedalic and Wadjet are probably the ones doing the most to keep adventure gamers regularly supplied these days, lots of good stuff here. $21.20

              There's plenty of other great RPG related bundles too.

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                Non-GOG adventure game suggestion:

                Scratches is $2.49 on Steam today!

                  What's Scratches like?

                  I thought it was an adventure game :P

                  OHHHHHHHH misread that as Non-Adventure game :D! My bad! Well Sughly didn't spoilerise his spoilers so now it's all spoiled. THANKS GUY

                  (but in all honestly I don't like horror and I probably wouldn't play it either)

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                  Scratches is great, man. Sughly recommended it to me and I'm glad I played it. Basically a slow burn, atmospheric adventure game where you explore an old Victorian mansion in the middle of nowhere.

                  @greenius, technically might be horror but it's not the people jump out at you kind. It's more tension and psychological stuff... Also, I knew the ending of the game and still loved it, so spoilers won't ruin it!

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                  I do like atmospheric horror over cheap scares!

                  How long does it take to beat? I was thinking of impulse purchasing at least one game around $2.50!

                  Nevermind just saw the Metascore :P. It has to be at least decenty for me to consider it. Sorry! Maybe another adventure game :D

                  Haha! That's alright, man. Though adventure games metacritic scores are always erratic. Some people just don't like 'em and review accordingly. It's about 12 hours or so. I understand your reasoning.

                  Well Sughly didn't spoilerise his spoilers so now it's all spoiled. THANKS GUY

                  Oooops. :(

                  I dont think I really made any radical spoilers though? I think I spoiled like, one scare?

                  Nevermind just saw the Metascore :P. It has to be at least decenty for me to consider it.

                  Dude. Seriously? You've got two people recommending it here. Its $2.50. Sigh. The creator is a longtime fan of all kinds of horror, and has about a great a grasp on the genre as anyone you can find in the industry. Metacritic isnt the be all and end all, gonna miss a lot of great things holding that as your bible.

                  If you like adventure games, you're probably better off trusting a site like Adventure Gamers over the main stream press too. Got 4/5 there, for what it's worth. :P

    So thanks to @blaghman gifting @shane an Amazon Gift Card, @shane is gifting me his fantastic looking graphic novels

    Spaghett needs to do some gifting, and from that last humble bundle I do still have a few codes left over, I shall need to think of gifting those tonight to anyone interested

      Just make sure that you only post the name of the games and then send the keys privately
      So some lurker doesn't grab it and not even say thanks

        Good tip man, no lurkers be stealing my keys

        I don't think that's ever happened :P

        Wait... someone claimed my humble bundle 3 code once and I don't know who.

        There was also that time we thought a lurker stole it but it was just Crazyguy! Guy, you so crazy!

          Crazyguy is a stealing lurker, read all about it in the evening issue

          I think that was the one I was talking about, I think it was a code that Freeze? posted. Last I heard the code was used and nobody had said anything

    Well, that was close.

    Without thinking, I went to lay my WiiU controller on my bed, in doing so, I pulled over one of my speakers. This also pulled down my WiiU's power brick, which sent my 3DS across the room, as it was sitting on it. Since the power brick was also sitting on top of my 360's, that proceeded to fall as well, almost pulling down the 360 that they were all sitting on top of.

    I think I may need a better cable management system.

      Woah.. it's like super-expensive dominoes!

    Walking Dead season get!
    Now (according to Xbox website), the games are now in my account's download queue. Will set up as soon as I get home, start downloading over dinner \o/

      Then you'll play them all back-to-back, it's inevitable. I was going to play one a day for a week and was finished on the same weekend I started. :D

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        Man there is nothing i would love to do more than play them back-to-back.
        Unfortunately i have an assignment, so i've still only done episode 1 :(
        BRING ON EP 2!!!

        On the plus side... i've finally talked bee into watching the TV show with me. This also means i'll have to start from episode 1 again.. but, meh, it'll be worth it for the greater good!

          I got my wife to watch the first ep with me. She liked it quite a lot, but I don't think she'll watch any further.

          Loops! I lost interest in the show when Darabont left as the show runner. All the negative press around it too didn't help. Had a back log of episodes already acquired, but decided not to watch.

          Last edited 03/01/13 10:56 am

            But Glenn Mazzarra as showrunner. Dude wrote for The Shield, knows what he's doing. That said, I didn't much like the ep in Season 1 he wrote.

            Haven't watched any further, but intend to one day.

            Also, I believe that GM's stepping down now due to differences with the network. It's a show in production hell - does not really bode too well for the future.

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        I know, I'm already thinking that I could probably do two of them tonight without messing my sleep up too much. Expect me to say tomorrow that I've finished the whole damn lot. :P

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          I don't think you'd get too much shut eye after playing both back-to-back. In the interest of actually getting to sleep without thoughts keeping you awake, maybe just the one... :P

            So... you're saying I might as well back-to-back-to-back-to-back them.


              :D Have fun rocking back and forwards in the fetal position.

                I always do.

                Do you think I could get compassionate leave at work for whoever dies next in the game? :P

                  I wanna talk more Walking Dead. I think you should go home and play it.

                  I'll let my boss know. Then I'll go home and let the real boss know :P

                  What you should do is get some sleep now and then we can pull an all-nighter tonight :)

          I expect you tomorrow to start babbling about being able to see sounds

          Due to lack of sleep of course

          Coherency can and often does go out the window

    Guys how great is coffee?

    It's pretty great.

      A can of energy drink here

      I do not drink tea or coffee

      Upvote or downvote at will

        At the risk of sounding like your mother, that shit early in the morning rots your brain.

          My brain was rotted by months of unemployment coupled with minimal human contact and the fact it is already a little bit perculiar

          Also, I usually drink a bottle of Orange juice for breakfast :)

          Thanks Mum :)

      I don't drink it either. Never tried it.
      Probably not the responses you were hoping for :P

      The greatest. I've got your back NotoriousR.

      I got your back too, holmes!
      Coffee is the bee's knees!

        ... resisting urge to make inappropriate fiancee comments.
        Hope you notice how well I resisted.

          It's like your my very own tainted Shane :D

            I've always been a bit like that.
            But here... I like that I'm not the worst one here :)

      Pretty great, but I've cut my intake. I've been drinking tea in the mornings instead.

      I don't drink it!

      Whoa just noticed there's a few in the don't drink coffee club!

      I don't drink tea either, or energy drinks.

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        No coffee and energy drinks I can understand but no tea?


          I actually don't mind tea but too lazy to make it and there's too many different types D:

      It's great but I gave it up months ago. Now I only have it when I go out for breakfast.


    Thoughts? I would love to see them get the models for the telltale game into that. And go for more of a survival feel. No getting attacked by a raptor 3 times.

      Oh yeah! That's the Source mod one, isn't it? (I was going to post it last night but thought maybe I post about Jurassic Park a bit too much :P)

      Looks pretty cool from that trailer. The only thing I didn't like was (what seemed to be) a focus on shooting, which isn't really what Jurassic Park is about. Still, it looks pretty great for a mod. Hopefully they'll have something playable sooner or later!

        Any one ever play Trespasser, about that woman who's plane crashed on Jurassic Park. So damn good in theory, not in implementation. I'd love to play an Uncharted-style Jurassic Park game.

          Was that the one how you could look down and see the characters cleavage? hahah I've never played it but I remember watching this video of it.

            That's the one. The heart tattoo on her breast showed her health. :P

          If you ever read my blog, you'll find that I have this weird fascination with Trespasser.

          It has such cool ideas, but it was so broken in reality.

          They had this whole advanced system for Dinosaurs to have moods, and feelings, and jazz, but there was a bug where they would swing between them really rapidly, so instead they just set them to be as angry as possible ALL THE TIME!

            Would love to see it done right using today's engines!

    Mornin' everyone.

      Virus! Hope you're well?

        I ache, but yeah not bad.

        After watching 2001: A Space Odyssey last night, I remembered how awesome it was, I also got to watch the movie in full for once. For 1968 it had some amazing special effects.

    Time to get screamed at.

    I do not care at all for The Walking Dead game. I find it clumsy, both in control and the attempts at emotion. I spend more time rolling my eyes at it than anything else. I hate the art and animation style. Doesn't work at all for me.

    Most of all I hate the whole zombie thing. Just seeing zombie games just make me want to punch things. Completely and utterly over it.

    You may now pick up your torches and pitchforks.

      I'm making a zombie exception for The Walking Dead, because it is quality (IMO), but I generally agree with you about the genre.

      In all other respects, I have decided that you are dead to me. Which of course means I must destroy your brain.

        I'm doing a pretty good job of that myself with the amount of alcohol and DJ Hero I've been consuming.

          How'd you break your glasses anyways?

            No idea. It looks like they've just fallen apart with age. Cracked across a rather fine joint where the arm connects to the frame.

        Seriously though, the writing isn't particularly smart. I find it very reminiscent of that scene in the Simpsons where Ron Howard is trying to pitch a movie to the executive.

        You write better material on a regular basis.

          Very kind of you to say, but I thought it was pretty decent.
          I don't think writing has to be particularly clever to be effective, and I found this to be quite effective.

          Wasn't perfect of course, but I was totally engrossed for whatever reason :)

      This being a Telltale game, there's plenty of stuff that you've got to forgive to like it too. No where near flawless, but I loved the story and have a soft spot for zombies done right. :P

      You're entitled to your opinion.

      Your opinion is wrong, but you're entitled to it.

      I kind of agree with you. Whilst I loved it, i'm now realising it wasn't as great as I thought it was. Now Spec Ops, that really plays with your emotions.

    I am hungry :(

      I just had breakfast. A bowl of plain Smiths chips. :P

        Your diet... man.

        At the risk of sounding like @redartifice's impression of @spaghett's mother, that shit early in the morning rots your brain.

          I often eat a bowl of chips for breakfast. It's fast and doesn't require any effort. I can't have dairy or sweet things first thing in the morning so my easy breakfast options are somewhat limited.
          That said, I'm worried about DC's diet because he seems to eat them for dinner as well. :S

        I want Easy Mac and Tuna for lunch

        So it needs to be lunch

        Plain? You don't live dangerously do you DC?

        Rock the Tomato Sauce flavoured ones!!

      Also you mentioned the 7th Guest yesterday. Currently 50% off on GOG, same deal with its sequel The 11th Hour. (Play Scratches too, man. You know you want to! :P)

        Is it not on Steam?

        I have no time for gaming anymore really

        I try and make time though

          Doesn't seem to be. GOG's the place for old school adventure games!

          Scratches is on Steam, though! $3! Holy damn!

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      Doc! Hope 2013's treating you well. How was camping? No one wants to do any write-ups. :'( What are you guys trying to hide? :P

        First rule of Camp Club....

          You didn't kill a drifter in the woods, did you? :S

            I repeat: First rule of Camp Club.

              Fine. I won't tell you guys what I got up to over the holiday break then. (Note: Don't check old TAY. :P)

                OR! You can wait for the unplugged we recorded. On a camera with the lense cap on and the lowest resolution because we had no other way to record audio... also, it tells you very little about what we actually did there.

                  It tells you more about how exciteable Shiggys friend was :)

                  Edit: He was a cool dude though, didnt mind at all.

                  Last edited 03/01/13 1:25 pm

        I saw a video of @sughly eating a drop of hot sauce. That was in a house though...

        The rest is a mystery.

          I assume that was before he was sick. (Or the cause!) Hope you're feeling better today, @sughly!

            Yeppers, I'm def on the up. Not feeling great, but its getting there :)

          Ohhh yeah, thats right, Oh man, that stuff. Lethal. Literally one barely visible drop = mouth on fire.

      Ehhhh, What's up Doc?

      *Told you I wouldn't do it again in 2012 :) *

      Old news.

      How's it all going, doc?
      Edited because spaghett already used my Bugs line :\

      Last edited 03/01/13 10:46 am

      HI DOC! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! I hope this year is an excellent year for you!

    So who got a Wii U for Christmas? I haven't turned mine on in a long while so if I haven't accepted friend requests, it's not because I hate you.

    I MIGHT still hate you, but that's not why I haven't accepted.

    I'll add people tonight as I edit the Camp Potaku Unplugged

      Checking Miiverse every day... Hoping for a response from Doc What...

      ...never getting it.

        A few people haven't accepted/added me either :'(

        If I recall it's @dkzeitgeist @mawt and (this tag is going to be so wrong, help me @dc?) @jacksonwr (Hermes)

      Pow and Shiggy are my only WiiU friends. :'(

        ...and Greenius? :D

        I added you a while ago but don't know if you accepted.

      I did, but still havent connected to a net, because family being in the stone ages and not having wireless. One day I will. One day...

    So I bought Faster Than Light while it was on sale recently. I'm late to the party, but damn:

    It's one hell of an addictive game.

    I played it for about 12 hours straight whilst recovering from New Years Eve celebrations. But man-o-man is it frustrating as well:

    I found the damaged stasis pod and had revived my Crystal companion by the 3rd sector. Was looking like a had a really good chance of unlocking the crystal ship when I fought against a crappy looking A.I vessel. No problem I thought - it only had a basic laser, a drone and 2 shields. I'll take out the shields with my missile and my laser can take out the drone control. I proceeded to miss with all 6 of my remaining missiles. The burst laser should have been able to penetrate on its own with it's three shots, but missed at least one shot from each burst. I sat and watched helplessly as I was whittled down 1 hp at a time. I couldn't even escape, as the enemy started a fire in my engine room with a lucky shot which didn't seem to want to go out, even with two crew-members putting it out.

    tl;dr - Whenever I play my attacks miss a lot.

    Edited to fix spoiler tags.

    Last edited 03/01/13 10:59 am

      Wicked game, that one. The End Battle is BRUTAL - massive difficulty spike
      Don't forget to train up a gunner, and upgrade weapons to improve accuracy.

    Every one is still asleep. I'm bored. WAKE UP PEOPLES!

      Pretend you're a Groote Eylandt intruder! That'll wake up Aleph. You might get beaten with a baseball bat, but that's the price you pay for conciousness.

      You should definitely start waking them up. It's for their own good. Health and all that. Or something.

    @dc, any spoilers I should avoid? It's a Tina Salami article.

    Edit: @Chuloopa and I are definitely going to avoid this one.

    Last edited 03/01/13 11:33 am

      I didn't even read the front page paragraph. Because Tina Amini.

        I clicked on it through the sidebar, so all I've seen is that image.

        @dc Thankfully, I don't feel spoiled by the image because I figured there'd be some more scenes with zombies attacking badly fortified areas.

        Last edited 03/01/13 11:29 am

        So much this!

        Shane, just never read any of Salami's articles.


        Last edited 03/01/13 11:38 am

      Even if there isn't spoilers, you're probably best to avoid it anyway :P

        OK, reading it now. Definitely avoid it :P

        EDIT: No outright spoilers, but it definitely mentions things that you're better off not thinking about.

        Last edited 03/01/13 11:26 am

      Even the picture is kind of spoilery, depending on how sensitive you are. Don't read!

      Yeah.. I've been avoiding EVERY walking dead article.
      It's almost to the point where i would literally be sticking my fingers in my ears, closing my eyes and yelling out "lalalalalalalalalallaa"

    I just woke up. Haven't slept in this long for ages. So why do I still feel tired? Stoopid old lady body. :P

      Quality, not necessarily quantity.

      :O I woke up at like 10;30ish as well and I too haven'y slept in that long for ages.

      I woke up at 8 and was like nah imma go back to sleep and had some really, really weird dreams :P

    Dayuummm that GOG sale looks goooooood

      Hells yeah! If you're into adventure games especially. (Listed the bundles everyone should consider at the top of the page.) So many kick ass RPG bundles too.

      Not just the bundles either, everything in their store has some discount!

      Last edited 03/01/13 11:27 am

      I don't even PC game and I am being tempted :P

        A lot of those games have basic system requirements, man.

          Oh I know, but honestly, I've got TWD, I've also got Max Payne 3. My NY resolution to write more is already flagging. Gotta keep my writing machine free from distractions, and gotta get back on the horse before the (May?) release of GTAV :P

          I owe Pez 22 more pages and whatever rewrites by probably mid-Feb, so can't afford too many distractions. Also I can't afford them either :P

          Last edited 03/01/13 11:34 am

            Reasons would've sufficed. :P Can't argue with that. Haha!

              Oversharing is my stock in trade. Sorry if too many details, but I like explaining my position.

                Not at all, man. That was my attempt to be funny. Clearly not a funny guy. :(

                  There was meant to be a smiley in my post. Where did it go?
                  I knew you were joking dude. The ":P" and "Haha!" are kind of clues. Sort of. A little bit. :)

    These days I find it amusing to scroll down a page of TAY and single out the few comments that don't have upvotes. Just because.

    Hotline Miami soundtrack

    I want it, I have a torrented version, which seems kind of bollocks

    And I know there is a link to the soundcloud, but I want to download it, and have it on my phone

    I will give them money if need be!

    I want to give them money!

    Anyone know of anything anywhere?

      Open the game folder. All the music is there in Ogg.

      EDIT: Actually it might be MP3, I can't remember. But it's all there except oddly I think one of the Perturbator tracks isn't.

      Last edited 03/01/13 12:20 pm

    That R18+ article by Alex got me thinking. What it got me thinking is that I feel I have to be entirely honest with you guys and say, I really have no problems if a kid plays an R18+ game. During the campaign for the R18+ rating there were a lot of gamers saying how to would protect the children, it basically became our battle cry when facing opposition to the rating. We're not doing this for ourselves, we're doing it for the kids. That was never the reason for me though. Selfishly, the primary reason I wanted an R18+ rating was so games like L4D2 could come out in Australia uncensored. My second reason was because I think it would help parents become better informed about what they're buying their kids, which is always a good thing, but it was never with the idea that it was somehow protecting the kids, it was more that parents would be able to better parent the way they want, and I would never decry any parent who wished to purchase an MA or R18+ game for their child because I really don't think those games have some sort of long term negative effects on children and because I believe it's the parents who are in the best position to determine what their child is and isn't capable of viewing.

      The main issue is in assuming that parents are informed consumers

      I always saw it more for the parents than the kids.

      EDIT: I for one do have an issue with my kids being exposed to certain things. They are way too young to deal with a lot of crap and I figure they should be concentrating more on just being kids for now.

      Last edited 03/01/13 12:07 pm

        I'm with you on that but mainly because a lot of games simply don't handle mature subject matter very maturely.

        The Lion King and Toy Story trilogy handle weighty subjects like loss and death much better than any game out there does.

      You talk as if the average parent is a discerning customer, they are not.

      Protecting kids and Getting the parents more informed are pretty much the same thing in the end though, aren't they?

        Sort of, but my comment is more in response to Alex's article which seems to think that no kid should ever play an R18+ game and that it's up to the community rather than the childs parents to make that decision for them, which is something I just don't think is right.

          Definitely not my intention to give that impression (I did admit getting into MA15+ movies in the article, after all). The ultimate decision should be in the hands of the parents.

          As an example, my kids have watched (in sections, because they're long) the LOTR movies, with me present. They're M rated, but my kids aren't -- but I *know* them, and know what's suitable for their personalities. It's not a cut and dried thing, but something that requires subtlety.

      The reasons you outlined are valid reasons, but I do believe that young children need to be protected from extreme content.

      I, like many folks, am relatively suggestible. For example, if I'm watching TV with excessive swearing, it infiltrates my mind, and the recency effect ensures that curse words punctuate my thoughts like confetti and slip out of my mouth a little more regularly than otherwise (Oz, Sopranos, etc). Not saying that if I see a gun murder, I'd go out and replicate, because I still have a brain in my head, but the impact of these things upon language acquisition (especially during formative years of youth) shouldn't just be ignored.

      Saw my first zombie movie when I was a little too young for it, and many years later, my greatest fear is being eaten. I'll die any other way you want, but don't eat me. As traumas go, it's not a huge one, and I can live with it... but it made an impact. It's not water off the back - people are sponges, they absorb things.

      Edit: There was a bit here that overshared some of my experience, but changed my mind. It's not something I want to share, even if it's a perfect case-in-point that would make this argument for me. Suffice to say I exposed myself to content that did a real number on me and permanently changed the way I function.

      PS: As a parent, I am starting to see first-hand that kids aren't ready for everything right out of the gates. Their brains are not equipped to understand complex situations or drastic events, or process them completely.

      Example: My nearly-three year old girl loves the Disney Cinderella movie. But every time we watch it (daily at the moment), during the scene when the stepsisters tear up Cinderella's ball gown, she always asks "Why are they tearing her dress? Why is she running away and crying?" Even the simple concept that people are sometimes mean just because they're mean is too much for her. And she's a smart kid.

      Kids develop emotional maturity at different ages, of course, but the classification system exists for a reason: to provide a recommended generally safe age barrier for different types of content. It's not a baseless system, it's not particularly arbitrary (in concept, anyway), it has its roots in reality.

      Last edited 03/01/13 12:12 pm


        Last edited 03/01/13 12:43 pm

          It's all good, man. One topic I'm really not great at talking about :P
          I almost left it in there anyway. Line call.

          Edit: damnit @dc. You can stop editing now.

          Last edited 03/01/13 12:40 pm

      Yeeeaaah, I used to kind of have that free spirited mind about kids playing what they want, and I think a lot of that came with how much 80's and 90's violent oriented action I watched growing up, and what kind of nostalgia thats left for me. But then my kid started watching me play a few minutes of Shank, which is literally a cartoon variation of the same thing, and I just couldnt deal with him seeing any more. It was so so wrong. @freezespreston is so right about his reply on this.

      Edit: And in turn so is @shane's reply :)

      Last edited 03/01/13 1:39 pm

    @alexkidman Are we doing Community Kudos still... or is that a Mark thing? If so, where can we send our nominations please? :)

      Excellent question; TBH I'm not sure. Will ponder on it.

        I choose to interpret that as a "yes" and will encourage people to bombard you with emails.

        It's a good thing that I'm lazy or you'd have several more emails than you normally do. Several!

    Tales of Graces f finally arrived, yay!! No Japanese audio, boo :(
    I really dislike English audio infesting my JRPGs..

      Ooh, a fancy f! fantastic!

      Last edited 03/01/13 12:44 pm

      Yeah, Namco are really strange about it. They've basically made the only JRPG on the PS3 that doesn't have a JP language option.

      I'd much prefer to play it with JP dialogue - especially because the English dub has some horrid voice acting eg Richard - but if it's a choice between playing the dub and not playing it in English at all, I'll take what I can get :(

      I hear Xenoblade has Japanese au...

      Oh, you already know how amazing Xenoblade is ;)

      Wait... weren't you one of the ones who didn't finish it? Get on it! And buy a legal copy too :P (if you didn't already!)

        Have a legal copy and yeah never finished it but if I was going to play it again it would be via pc. Looks and runs so much better.

    Ugh, feeling blue

    I know why, sort of

    Some of it is irrational

    I haven't been able to file some files because everything else was more important and then christmas happened

    But I am worried that they were left much too long and that I will get reprimanded

    Also, the office still has a lot of people on leave

    So the office is waaaaaaaaaaay to quiet, and that makes your old pal Spags really anxious

    Edit* I am just now trying to focus on getting what I have to get done, done, and that I have a beautiful woman in my life who loves me, also that the weekend is tomorrow

    Last edited 03/01/13 1:20 pm

      Sorry to hear that, my friend. Hope you feel better soon. :(

    Today is glacial.

    A discussion question: Best strategy game? I did love me some Age of Empries 2, and Starcraft is lots of fun. That said, I'm recently captured by Crusader Kings 2 and Civ V. Thoughts?

      The Settlers 2? Age of Mythology? I dunno, never really been my favourite genre. I don't hate it or any thing, I just found I liked to build up cities and the like instead of attacking other people. :D

        Lame. :P
        I remember once playing with my younger brother, we were allies and I started building stuff inside his walled city to 'help' him. Fortresses, barracks, etc. Then later I turned on him :P
        Also, I think I've only ever won one game via Wonder.

      Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. Why? Because it's a Star Wars reskinning of Age of Empires 2. Therefore it's the best strategy game :P
      I'm not sure what I'd say is the best. My favourites would have to be Age of Empires series (Including SWGB), Total War series, Eufloria, FTL and Frozen Synapse. Mind you, that comes close to the list of all strategy games I've played :P

      EDIT - And Rise of Nations.

      Last edited 03/01/13 1:24 pm

      The one I enjoy the most? Starcraft 2.

      The most important? Probably Warcraft 3. Without that, DOTA wouldn't have caught on and we wouldn't have DOTA 2, LoL and HoN. Nor would we have World of Warcraft, because the success of War3 helped give that game the early subscribers that helped make it what it is today.

      Then there's all of the turn based and four X games.

      And yes, I realise that Aeons of Strife predates DotA but Dune 2 is the reason the whole genre exists yet most people will say that Starcraft: Brood War is what made the genre actually important.

        "Without that, DOTA wouldn't have caught on and we wouldn't have DOTA 2, LoL and HoN. Nor would we have World of Warcraft," You make that sound like a bad thing :P

          And yet somehow it's still the most important :p

        Dammit Bunny, it was hard enough thinking aboutthe best without what was the most important.
        Where does sim city fit within the scale of importance? Without that we wouldn't have trauma centre.

        Last edited 03/01/13 2:23 pm

          I was thinking purely in the terms of competitive games.

          The link between Sim City and Trauma Center is a lot more tenuous. For one thing, Trauma Center isn't a sim, it's a puzzle game/visual novel :p

            Ok, I've never played it so I thought it was more of a theme hospital thing.
            From a competitive gaming side of things I would have to say warcraft 3 is the more important. It has built into an evolving scene. opened up new events and game styles.

      Total annihilation is without a doubt the best RTS I have played

      Overall strategy game gets more complex, xcom is certainly up there but I have lost hours upon hours into civilisation over the years. Total war shogun was a favourite of mine so I am looking forward to giving shogun 2 a go when I have some time to lose.

      Also bastion would make a cool Broadway musical, assassin's creed a theatre production, as mention deadlight an Opera and Oddworld a puppet show.

      Best is hard.

      Most sentimental: Starcraft Brood War or AoE (first one). Starcraft was my first 'social' game outside the home. AoE was the first strategy game I mastered.

    Just rewatched The Incredibles :D even awesomer than the first time I saw it.

      Yeah, that's an incredible film.

        Totally on page 6 now @dc

          @sughly's the man that needs the heads up, I see all! :P

          Also Strange made a good point on page three about not doing this. Though it doesn't apply to your post. :)

          Last edited 03/01/13 2:05 pm

            I'm only replying to my own posts when I do this. And to be honest, I'm doing it more to annoy you than to inform sughly :P

              Why would it annoy me, though? Haha!

                Because I stole your thing. (not a euphemism)
                But if you're not going to play, it's no fun :(

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