The Steam Holiday Sale Is Getting An Encore This Weekend

Miss any big deals during the Steam holiday sale that's been going on for the past couple of weeks? No worries. Valve's got you covered.

This weekend, you'll get a second shot at some of the bigger deals that have gone down this December/January. Here's Valve:

Gamers will have a final opportunity to get their favourite games on Steam. A select number of the most sought-after titles from the Steam Holiday Sale will reprise their biggest discounts for two additional days. The Encore Weekend begins at 10am PST on January 5th (Saturday) and runs until 10am PST on January 7th (Monday).

So go forth and shop. Or maybe don't. Maybe just worry about the games you already have.


    as much as I've enjoyed and spent on the sale, its gone too long this year and there has been more then one chance to the the same game more then once.

      been useful with recommendations though - I've been trying to get some friends to get a few games and they haven't been able to grab them the first time they went on the sale rotation.

      on that note though; if a Steam sale is going to run as long as this one I wish there would be more activities like the achievement treasure hunts and chances to win freebies like in previous big sales.

        yeah i can appriciate that. But as someone who saves up for these sales lol there wasen't much diversaty in what was for sale.

          I find the trick with some of these sales is also not to rely solely on the front page deals - there are usually a lot of older or indie titles with 50-75% discounts which you don't find out about without searching through the store proper - that's often where the diversity is because they aren't all the headliner titles.

          That said though; yeah, this was a rather samey sale - I think the better bargains were to be had in things like the Groupees "Build A Greenlight Bundle" that finished recently

    Compared to the sprawling epic last year that was the Christmas Coal hunt, I thought this sale was boring and samesy. It went on way too long, there was no 'frenzy' to any of it and the sale prices were pretty much the same as the Thanksgiving sale. It was more of a 'second chance black friday sale' than a completely new one.

      Yes. How dare they not entertain us while providing games at huge discounts.

      I quite liked having more pay-days between purchases.

        The problem I'm having is that by the time I factored in the publisher 'Aussie tax', 75% off just isn't that great.

        This years sale is pretty mediocre.

        It's not just feeling entitled, they set a precedent with the last sale. I'm going to guess there were many people who had never experienced a sale like that before and now know the Steam is capable of doing that will now expect as much.

    Sales have been going downhill really. A few years ago the publisher packs were amazing value, now they're just pretty good. I mean back then you got just about every game published by that publisher on Steam, now it's just a selection and they used to be cheaper too. I'm a grumpy old man.

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