DayZ Dev Show Us What A Convincing Zombie Moves Like

Boy does motion capture — the process involved in animating digital characters — looked darned goofy sometimes. This is especially true when you're pretending to eat a human, apparently.

Here's the latest DayZ standalone video blog, which features the mind behind DayZ, Dean Hall, along with other members of Bohemia Interactive. Dean is suited up in a mocap suit, pretending to be a zombie.

It's good stuff for those of you needing to brush up on your zombie acting skills.


    Truly fascinating. I love these constantly released production diaries from these guys. 100% transparancy on why its taking so long, whats happening and the processes behind what's happening. It's reassuring to the fans and keeps us assured we're going to get the product we deserve, not the product some halfassed mothertrucker misleads us into believing we're getting :)

      ^read "The War Z"

      Seriously though, not just being a DayZ fanboy here, it's the honesty and quality of Rocket and his relationship with fans that's got me 110% pumped for the standalone, knowing he's listening to us about what we want in the game is something a lot of devs don't bother with or misinterpret.

    Pretty sure I could do more convincing zombie moves...

      MJ is that you?

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