DOTA 2's Art Is Like An Ice Cream Sundae For Your Eyeballs

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get excited about DOTA 2, since my dalliances with League of Legends ended in me promptly uninstalling League of Legends, but I still check the game's blog every single day. Why? Because there's always the chance Valve will release more character art of the game's heroes, which are some of the best of their kind in the business.

We've looked at DOTA 2's art before, but if you can believe it the last time we did so was back in November 2011. Time for an update.

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    My fave is the Treant protector one

    DOTA 2's art is magnificent. Just wish there was more Morphling art <3

    one thing that always struck me about LoL was how some of the character portraits were a bit rough (to be fair some were awesome, but that just made the bad ones stand out even more!). I've not been back to LoL for months now, but I'm sure Riot can afford better artists these days.

    naturally Valve doesn't have the limitations of a start-up. this art work is fantastic.

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