First-Person Shooter Graphics Have Improved Since 1992

Sit back and watch two decades of video game graphics flash before your eyes. YouTube user drloser333 has uploaded a video that unfurls the graphics of more than a dozen first-person shooters, from 1992's Wolfenstein 3 to 2011's Battlefield 3.

Did the FPS get better-looking? They have at least become way more realistic. But maybe you're more of a fan of older, more abstract styles?

Graphic evolution of First Person Shooters: 1992-2012 [YouTube]


    Watching this reminded me of how good the flamethrower was in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Definitely ahead of its time. What's really sad is that a game more than 10 years old has flamethrower effects that look MUCH better than that found in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

      Lol ACM will go down in infamy, it was a rushed who knows who did what game, just let it die. But I agree with the Wolfenstein flamer, it was so good.

    What I notice is the earlier games are hectic and fun with a monster around every corner in cramped environments but the later videos have huge empty environments and fewer frags.
    Was the guy sliding down the cable near the half way point a metaphor for the declining fun in shooters?
    I know it's not the case, it's just the way the video comes across. He should have thrown the new Serious Sam in there for good measure.

      The last one was battlefield 3, has almost nothing to do with single player and the game has been that way since they brought out bf 1942 in roughly 2002(?). An old school shooter was made recently it was called Duke Nukem Forever, and it showed how dated that kind of gameplay has become.

    Ahh memories... lol

    Though yeah there should have been a few more games in there that showed the dramatic advances that happened in some games like Serious Sam, Prey, etc...

    Genuinely thought marathon would have made the list, it was released barely a year after doom

    I like to know what a person from 1992 think about if they saw video games of today?

    Damn - the half life short is like salt in the wound , where the hell is episode 3??? For me no newer fps games have really matched the atmosphere created created in half life 1...

    No Unreal??

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