Fresh DayZ Screens Show New Faces, New Map Areas

The standalone version of DayZ is on its way, and in these new screenshots, developers Bohemia Interactive show off some more improvement slated for the upgrade, including face models and some low-res shots of one of the new areas of the map being slotted in.

A post on the game's development Tumblr is also worth a look, as creator Dean Hall answers a ton of specific user questions, as well as sharing the good news that Ivan Buchta, one of the two BI developers detained in a Greek prison for months, is back on the job and "has been a huge asset to the team", helping design the world for the revamped edition of the zombie apocalypse simulator.

As an aside, I'm really digging the way BI have gone about showing this game off. Seeing rough in-game screenshots, which give you a gauge as to how the game's actually progressing, is a welcome change from the industry norm of showing screenshots which are almost pure fiction.

Ivan is back! [DayZ]


    Dislike that they are rebuilding the engine but completely neglecting the graphics. Looks exactly the same as current DayZ/ARMA2

    I want flashy graffikz in my twenty13's :(

      They have made tons of improvements to the visuals, mainly the lighting system, see here it looks ten times better

        Just looks like Higher res textures and better LOD management. Which, although yes does make the game look better, it doesn't really help if at the end of the day it still chugs like maxed ARMA2 does. Which, before you blame hardware, it still has FPS issues (Less than 60FPS) on my OC'd IvyB i5, 8GB DDR3, SLI GTX 560's on an SSD.

        ARMA 2 was never very optimised and I just worry that being rebuilt on the same engine will net the same result.

        *EDIT* My original post was in relation to the above screens and the ones I had seen in the past, I had not seen the ones you linked Cap'n Crunch, and I apologize, as yes, that does make the game look better, though I still stand by my original point as, when compared to ARMA3, this does not really look as nice.

        Last edited 19/02/13 11:17 am

          Just be thankful it's happening and don't get picky. They're definitely making engine optimizations, and improvements which are looking much better already.
          Bohemia would want the focus on their flagship product Arma, which is why the VR2 engine would be still be used for DayZ I believe and not VR3.

      So you missed where it says low res? The videos of it look amazing. The motion is a hundred times better. The zombies are majorly improved. If they changed the map too much people would complain. They added in giant swamp areas and other bits. Looks fantastic.

      They have a really good graphic artist doing building interiors right now, they look far far better than they previously did. They're also re-doing weapons and items right now too.

      It's probably likely that a lot of outdoor areas will be improved too.

      These visuals are superior though. The engine rebuild has done a great job from what screens like this are showing?

    Great job they did on the asian character.. I always have trouble reproducing asian facial features when I am using character customisations in games..

    only getting kotaku default pics any other links to the photos

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