Indie Gala, Where $5 Gets You 14 Great Games, Plus A Bunch Of Extras

Game bundle sizes typically range from four to seven games. The appropriately-named Indie Gala Colossus however wants nothing to do with single digits — this bundle has 14 games and three extras, if you’re willing to part with less than $US5.

Paying below the minimum of $US4.86 will see you with five titles, but if you go above this you’ll get everything. The collection is not only sizeable, but meaty with Galactic Civilizations, Darwinia, Defcon, Hearts of Iron III, Demigod, King Arthur, King Arthur II and more filling out the extended list.

The non-game goodies included soundtracks, the city generator from Introversion’s “suspended” game Subversion, and physics toy Voxel Destruction.

According to the site, the total cost of the bundle weighs in at $US120 so, yes, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Like other bundles using this format, you can decide how your cash is distributed between the host, charities and developers, with the devs understandably getting the lion’s share by default.

The Indie Gala Colossus Bundle [Indie Gala]

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