Phew, *Now* R18+ Has Finally Passed In Queensland

Phew, *Now* R18+ Has Finally Passed In Queensland

After a bizarre day where those tuning in had to deal with discussion over court transcriptions and fencing laws. After a false alarm where one staffer in the Attorney General’s office accidentally sent a press release before the vote was taken, Queensland has finally joined the rest of Australia — and the Western world — by passing R18+ legislation at a state level.

“The introduction of this classification should be welcome news for parents, who will now have more control over the games their children are playing,” said Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney General for Queensland, in a pre-prepared statement.

“I encourage parents to be guided by these classifications, as I’m sure many are unaware of the levels of violence and adult material contained in some computer games.

“This system has worked with films for a long time and it makes sense for computer games to be treated in the same way.

“At the Standing Council of Attorney’s General last year, it was decided to adopt a national approach for computer game classification.

“By coming into line with the rest of the country, we can prevent the games from being bought interstate and sold illegally in Queensland.”

Finally, it’s over. All that’s required is for the Governer to sign off on the legislation, which should take no less than two or three weeks.


  • …and it still isn’t quite over.

    I have to say, after watching the last half hour of that parliament session, I have never seen a more confusing, overly complicated, bureaucratic and boring waste of time. And we pay for it!

    • Thats the government! What it means is, it cant be overly delayed with re-readings, objections etc etc any more. Which is exactly what we needed. HOORAY! BRING ON THE PO…. wait thats X…

      • And if they rushed Bills through without debate we would all bitch and moan abut how quickly it got through. That’s the system yes its long winded, but better that then rushing things.

        • Im not talking about rushing it through. I never wanted that. I wanted it properly assessed, weighted and discussed. However towards the end it was needlessly delayed, time and time again. Once because someone went on holiday! There should be provisions put in place for things like that. The system is long winded, very much so. It’s also borderline ineffectual with how much red tape gets put up on the most basic of things. However, rushing as you say would be bad. If they could meet at a happy midway with that, that’d be awesome…

  • Great news! I don’t live in QLD, but it’s great to know that people won’t have to buy out-of-state or (GASP!) online. I figured this would happen, and so did many others, it seems, but it’s great to get some confirmation.

  • YAY! I told all you so! For days the media was buzzing about how God of War was banned in QLD, how the legislation won’t be happening and NOW FINALLY R RATED GAMES ARE LEGAL ALL OVER AUSTRALIA!

    *puts on party hat and pulls string on popper*

    Now there can be no more sensationlist news headlines or doubts. Its been voted on and PASSED!

    • Technically I don’t think it has been passed yet, nobody (on the gaming end of the media) really knows the ins and outs of parliament and we’re all just guessing. In the end they did a bunch of votes about various clauses in the bill, and then requested it be read a third time, and then moved on to another bill before that happened. There was no statement that it was passed or anything like that, so it sounds like it will be addressed again the next time parliament sits in March. I imagine it will still be a while before the first R18+ game lands on a shelf in QLD. At the very least though, it does sound like it will definitely happen now, it’s just a matter of when.

  • it says on one of the PDFs that it takes effect as retrospectively i.e december last year. just needs to be signed which is standard. it cant be delayed or debated any further now.

  • It says PASSED. That means the bill has been voted on. It’s done. Don’t start working people up all over again.

  • The media release has been officially uploaded this morning:

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