This Japanese Popstar Has Truly Insane Gaming Hours

This Japanese Popstar Has Truly Insane Gaming Hours

If someone played a video game, any video game, for a couple hundred hours, you’d say, wow, that person must really like that game. If someone played a video game, any video game, for a couple thousand hours, you’d say, woah, that person is hardcore.

How about seven thousand hours?

Popstar Maki Goto is taking time off from music, but certainly has enough time to appear in an online Capcom show that centered around Monster Hunter 3G HD Version. What’s amazing isn’t that Goto emerged from her hiatus just for this. No, what’s amazing is that she had time to squeeze in an appearance from one of her gaming marathons.

Goto is taking off time from showbiz to recoup and, seemingly, play video games — apparently, even pulling off 30-hour marathon sessions. You’re going to need marathons like that to rack up gaming hours like she has.

According to Mantan Web, while on the online program, Goto talked about her Monster Hunter 3 playtime, revealing that it was 7,000 hours. That’s 291 days. Of Goto’s life. Playing Monster Hunter 3.

When asked what she spent more time doing, living her daily life or playing Monster Hunter, Goto replied, “Huh? Oh, I don’t know.”

When asked what she’s been doing on her time off, Goto said she was going to see her friends’ concerts as well as checking out the Monster Hunter exhibit at Universal Studios Japan. No doubt, she’s also been gaming. An effing lot.

ネット番組で久々登場 芸能活動は「今も休業中」 [Mantan Web]

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  • Only thing I got from the article was prior links and “make up” … damn misleading also how is she overcoming RSI…please teach me…my hands hurt.

  • My highest would be Skate 3, but I can’t tell the exact time on there I think. But my Pokemon Saphire has 150 hours and my Ruby has 50, so about 200 on that Gen of Pokemon.

  • My highest was Fallout 3, it had 300 or so hours sunk into it by the end. I had almost 100%’d the entire game. But by that point I felt I’d done more than enough. That was way too much time on a single game…

  • That’s better than I’ll ever do. My highest was 600+ hours on Chromehounds, & 500+ hours on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. 7000+ hours is just insane.

  • I’ve spent that long on MMORPG land in the past. Trust me though, it is kind of scary when time playing a game can be measured as a whole number percentaging of your life.

  • My highest would be TES: Oblivion at about 250hrs. That’s only since they started tracking though, I’d say I rave put a couple of thousand into Perfect Dark and Goldeneye.

  • 320 odd days played on WoW on the one account and I had 2 others before it during vanilla which gives me at least 7600 hours. Add to that a few hundred in skyrim, then the combined total I have spent on Final Fantasy games (400+ alone on FFX) and the long list of other MMOs I have played dating back to SWG (force sensitive grind anyone?).

    7000 is definitely a lot to sink into a single game for anyone, almost exclusively MMO but you could chuck in Starcraft, DotA and League of Legends as being pretty huge time-sinks as well, but if you start adding games together, I am not sure about the rest of you but I reckon I would break 9000 pretty easily

    • I’m the same – probably got 7000 in WoW alone.
      To be fair that’s over 8 years. This story doesn’t say how long it took her to rack up that many hours.

  • My highest is WoW with a tad over 120 days with all my characters combined. Followed by MW2 with 750 hours and then Team Fortress with 380 recorded hours as I started playing tf2 before hours were recorded. This girl is living the dream!

  • Yeah, do /played in WoW sometime and convert those days to hours. It’s enough to make you unsub.
    …Except Patch 5.2 lands next week. So.

  • I have about 700 hours each in StarCraft 2 and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Mount and Blade Warband is a distant third with 165 hours. I suppose if she doesn’t play anything else that would be okay…

  • 1000hrs into Battlefield 3, more to add with End Game DLC. it would be far more i think if not for a mortgage that requires a fucking job…

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