While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey! Another day another dollar. I'm seriously running out of different ways to intro this post! Let's play it safe and simple: welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we go over the big news from overnight!

Piracy is a big issue, obviously. But I often think that big publishers tend to believe that punishing the consumer is the answer when it's clearly the worst solution possible. This is an interesting perspective: could Sony fight piracy by fixing load times? Check out the whole piece here.

Another day another story about gaming marathons and the crazy impact it has on health. This chap almost died. I just don't get it. Take a break fer chrissake!

For your health ya dingus!

This is the official unofficial Metal Gear Rising drinking game! This is a video game house in the real world! And, finally, remember that terrible Asura's Wrath plagiarism? These guys try and defend it!

In Short One Way Sony Could Fight Piracy Load Times Special Effects Team To Blame For Asura's Wrath Plagiarism Say People Blamed For Plagiarism Chinese Gamer Almost Dies After Gaming Marathon Sometimes You Need To Build A Video Game House In The Real World The Official Unofficial Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Drinking Game


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