EB Games Is Selling The PS Vita For $199

It's a deal that isn't necessarily plastered all over the store or even on its website, but EB Games is currently selling the Wi-Fi version of the PS Vita for $199. If you've been waiting for a price drop to check out a genuinely underrated system with a fair whack of decent games to play, now is the time!

The notification on Ozbargain mentions that you should probably ask at the counter for this deal or, if you're buying online, head directly to this link.

The deal is for a currently unspecified limited time.

Thanks Alex!


    Other than Person 4 Golden what is worth buying?

      Uncharted, MLB, Everybody's Golf, Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercs, MGS HD Collection, LBP Vita, Sly 4 and the old PSX games look awesome on it.

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        I got one with Assassins Creed.. its just ok.. But the thing is.. I'm already a PS plus subscriber.. get one with ps plus and at least a 16GB card.. best gaming buy you'll make in a while.

      That's all you need to make it worth the purchase

      Gravity Rush is excellent.

      Mortal Kombat Vita (150 extra challenges)
      Sonic Racing Transformed (exactly the same as PS3 version...but portable)
      MGS HD Collection (same as above)
      Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (Same as above)
      Nice selection of PSone game
      Decent selection of PSP games

      Sign up for a US account games a pissy cheap and the selection is bigger

      Check out some of the upcoming titles like Dragon's Crown and Muramasa Rebirth.


        I think it's really important to remember that it's portable, comes in especially handy if you have a long commute :D
        So even though I list a bunch of games that are available elsewhere, they suddenly aren't (without a Vita) on that long train ride to work (or you know, that long Easter weekend at Granny's).

          I think it's really important to remember that it's portable, comes in especially handy if you have a long commute

          Reason I bought it is because I am going away for 4 - 15 months. Been worth it so far.

      Virtues Last Reward.

      Very sad that no one has mentioned it yet.

        Working through this at the moment, great game.
        Would definitely recommend it.

        Just, make sure you either play through 999: Nine Persons, Nine Hours, Nine Doors first. The two games are so heavily linked, and playing VLR first will destroy 999 for you.

      If there are games on PSN that you want to play, psp games, vita or PS1, then you can play them on this. It's basically a nostalgia machine.

    Holy Shakespearean plot twist, Mercutio!

    Must admit, Assassins Creed is also a pretty decent game for the handheld. other than that, I would recommend getting PS+ with the Vita as Gravity Rush, Uncharted and Wipeout are (were?) Free last I checked.

    I just bought one 2 or 3 weeks ago and I can't put it down. My 3DS, PS3 and comic collection have threatened to leave!

    ehh it's a little tempting but there's still no killer exclusive that I want and I don't really need another handheld.

    Maybe if they release a new model and the PS4 makes good use of it I might pick one up in the future.

      Well, The ps4 will apparently have remote play... But I would say that between Killzone and tear away coming out later this year and with games like Sly 4 already out (sort of) and on top of those the uncharteds, gravity rushes and littebigplanets and stuff... Well... I would honestly say that that is enough to buy the console. If those aren't your types of games, fine, no one is forcing you to like them. But for most people the console has proven itself on those fronts and now its just about the right price.

      There's something you will love on the Vita somewhere.

    I bought a PSP on launch day for like $400 and it mostly gathered dust until I gave it to a mate who hacked it so he could play SNES games.

    While i'm still tempted to buy a shiney new peice of hardware at a very good price I think i'm going to give it a miss, especially with Fire Emblem coming out on the 3DS next month.

    Theres a reason it's being sold for the price it is.

    Especially with the persistent network stuff that they went over in the PS4 announcement, is it worthwhile to hold out for the 3G one, or just dive in to the wifi?
    Alternatively, could this be a sign of some sort of hardware revision on the way? Anything that could be improved on the Vita that's worth waiting for?

      the console hasn't sold half as many units as youd think it would need for sony to even dream of doing a revision to the console 1 year after launch. Also other than HDMI out and making it slimmer there isn't really much to add its a killer bit of hardware

      The hardware is pretty good so not sure if they'd do a revision or not. There's not much they could really change unless they do the usual stuff like slimmer/smaller/bigger/lighter/more battery life etc.

      I hear 3G isn't really necessary and you can just use Wi-Fi to tether it to your phone for 3G. I've never used Near or any other of that jazz so I don't think it's something you'll feel like you've missed out on.

      PERSONA 4!

    This is kinda tempting...

    What ways does the Vita link up with the PS3?

      it has remote play on like 3 games, thats about it

      How about hacking? My psp is great for running emulated games and PS1 games that I've ripped from the old CDs, but the sound on that is broken since it was dropped with something in the headphone jack.

        As far as I'm aware, the only common method for hacking is via some PSP games and as soon as Sony gets a whiff of a game being exploited they remove it from the store.

        I think.

    I used to be a Vita sceptic, but I bought one for $199, set it up with a US account and PS+ and haven't looked back. It's incredible, even if you just play the 'free' stuff off PS+ and download a few classic PS games like Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil 2.

      How do you get RE2, I heard it was taken down?

      I've tried getting it, but no luck (AU store though)

        I downloaded it off the US store. I heard it was taken down to fix something to do with how disc swapping worked, but I'm sure it should be up again by now?

          I tried it like a week or two ago but said it wasn't available.

          But looking on the PS3 store last night it said it was on PS3/PSP/PSV so it might be back up.

            That's annoying, and there's no good reason not to have it available. I've completed it twice with no dramas (except it was a drama suriving scenario b).

              god damn I love that game.

              Took me about 3 goes to realise there was a second scenario. I thought it was just the same game with either Leon or Claire, lol.

      Argh, Vagrant Story might just make me take this deal! But payday isn't until next weekend :(

    Do I really need to explain how awesome the Vita is?

    Also here's my channel: http://youtube.com/bluemaximac099

      I think you should :)

        I've never heard him talk about the Vita before.


    this is a better deal though,

      or LBP instore

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      Does that game cost more than $49?

    You forgot to mention it's $168 for a pre-owned!

    OKAY, here's the dealio people: the Vita is an awesome piece of hardware. Everyone I've talked to who owns or has owned one agrees, however, a majority of them also agree on another point, it's missing a lot of games people are interesting in. Games that are out now and games that are coming out (I'm not taking about PSone or PSP games, just Vita games) - there just isn't that much!

    I got one in November during Amazon's Black Friday sales because it finally had something that I really wanted to play - Persona 4: Golden. I do not regret my purchase and like I said, the Vita itself is great but it just needs some damn games! Thankfully the game situation is made a bit better with PS+ since I've now got pretty much every other game I was interested in getting (Uncharted, Gravity Rush, WipeOut, Lumines) as well as the opportunity to play ones I weren't initially interested in.

    Out of all the upcoming games I can think of just two unique Vita games (not ports or enhanced remakes) I'm even remotely interested in - Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice. I really just wish there was more support for it!


    To new Vita owners. I don't think that price is anything that great but it's alright for a local purchase. I'm basing it on the semi-frequent Amazon deals that I've seen around $200 and you'll get a game and memory card. Mine was the AC3: Lib bundle which had a White Vita, AC3: Lib, 4GB Memory Card, PS: All Stars, 3 months of US PS+ and some $10 off AC3 voucher - all for $180 (+$15 shipping), so there's definitely been better deals if you don't mind importing.

    I can't remember where but I saw somewhere on my Twitter feed this morning that a Vita price drop in the West won't be happening any time soon. Whether that's to believed or not is up to you but I'd rather wait a bit for some more games you'd be interested in or for a lower price.


    TL;DR - Vita is pretty cool guy and worth getting, but there has been better deals.

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      If you're planning on getting lots of PSN stuff definitely go for a US account. They have a bigger selection of things for much better prices compared to AU. I would've gone for a US one but I already had PS+ on my AU account so I just stuck with that. It sucks seeing stuff missing or double the price though :/

        Hey just wondering how much the vita games are in the us psn?
        Specifically gravity rush


          $35.99 or free for PS+ members (not sure for how long). You can use the above link to browse the entire store from a computer and I think you might be able to purchase things from it as well :)


          $47.95 on the AU store but also free. Same link above can be used to access the AU store

    I'm half-expecting the PS4 on release to have a option that bundles with a Vita.

    So Sony can do the same kind of sneaky "look how high Vita sales are!" statements that Nintendo did about Wii Sports :P

      That would be pretty awesome and a good way to crush the competion (Is Wii U going well at all anymore?)

        Well last week in Japan the old PSP sold better than the Wii U, so I would take that as no :P

    Soul Sacrifice is gonna be good. Comes out May 1 i believe

    Wouldn't worry too much if you're on the fence still, they did this price bout a month ago which is when I picked up mine, wouldn't be surprised if it pops up again in another few weeks.

    What else has the Vita got coming out?
    The only 2 games that I know of are Killzone: Mercenary and Soul Scarifies

    What else is there?

      A lot of games seem to pop up on the PS Vita Store seemingly unannounced, I checked it the other day and there seemed to be quite a few new games that I had no idea were even in development.

      DFragon's Crown & Muramasa Rebirth among others. :)

    I wonder which is better to have. the ps vita with wifi or the psvita with both wifi and 3g??? and how does 3g work on the psvita and whether it is better? help!!!!

      Instead of connecting to your home wi-fi you can connect to the 3G network which means you can browse and download anywhere and in some cases faster speeds.

    I got my first vita on launch day and then sold it about 6 months ago as I just wasn't using it enough...

    However, I then got back into my PS3 and have a PS+ sub and I tell you what... that might just make it worth it with the free games. Especially if it gets integrated into the PS4 as well.

    For those that are talking US accounts, did you purchase your vita from the US also? Is that how it works?

      No, it works with your PSN account. You can buy an Australian Vita and set up a US PSN account and do it that way.

      Similarly, I have a US Vita but it's linked to my Australian PSN account (because I am a trophy whore, plus the occasional hassle of getting US PSN cards was too strenuous for lazy ol' me).

      The Vita is region free so you can use any PSN region with any region console. But I believe it'll default to the original language of the region for initial setup so you'll see Japanese if you have a Japanese console etc.

      I have a US Vita but use my AU account because like @ad, I'm a filthy trophy whore :P. I also had a AU PS+ account and I wanted to access that content (the Vita only allows one account per a console at any given time).

      I recommend getting either a local Vita or import one from a trustworthy English speaking site (Amazon US/UK) so you can easily work out any problems if something goes wrong. Buying locally also gives you warranty and whatnot.

      If you're thinking of a US PS account they're super easy to make and you can easily buy PSN credit online at a 1:1 exchange now.

    See I am happy to finally jump and get one but I keep feeling that everywhere is trying to clear them for a redesign (or something) to be announced very soon. If they release a cheaper version with built in memory, better battery etc then I want that.

    Ah, I wish I could just know some how.

    There also doing a deal for about 6 Lego Games + The Vita for $199.

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