Halo 4 Will Soon Get Its Own 'Forge Island,' Plus Other Tweaks

343 Industries announced during a PAX East panel yesterday that Halo 4 will soon get its own version of Halo: Reach's Forge World map (pictured above), a feature that has been missed since 4 launched. Called "Forge Island" and releasing for free on April 11, the map will provide a series of open spaces in which Halo 4 forgers can putz around and try to smack one another by swinging tanks around like giant, deadly paddles. That's what I'm going to do there, at least.

Also on their way are a title update and a new competitive skill ranking system that will hearken back to the days of Halo 2 and Halo 3 by assigning players numbers from one to 50 and matching them up based on their playing prowess. The title update will tweak this and that, making camouflaged players more visible when they shoot, adding x-markers to signify where teammates have recently died, and adjusting the Gauss Warthog turret's auto-aim, magnetism and damage, presumably to make it less of an unstoppable death cannon.

343 also discussed some statistics:

  • Halo 4 has been played by 11.6 million people, including those logged in as guests. They've gotten:
  • 11.7 billion kills;
  • 388 million headshots;
  • 193 million assassinations (4.4 million of which were in the air);
  • 25.5 billion War Games medals;
  • 30 million flag captures;
  • and 64 million vehicle hijacks.
  • It seems we're a bloodthirsty bunch.

    Halo 4 logs 11.6 million players [Gamespot]


    They should release stat notes of how many international players that stopped playing the franchise because of the lack of a good connection setting.

      This. After 10 years of pretty solid Halo play Ive given up. I cant get a good connection. I know its not my internet. Its just Halo 4. Really disappointed to be honest

    While I quite enjoyed the single player campaign (except for some of the silly plotholes), the multiplayer aspect just didn't grab me like the previous games did, and I feel this is both due to what was missing and what was changed. Making weapon drops randomised took away from learning the where the weapon drops were and taking control of these areas, and the major battles that used to occur for control of power weapons, and ordinance drops did much the same thing. For Forge, there really needed to be a Forge World-esque map available on launch, not 4 months down the track. The file share system is really something that also needed to be available day one, and that was only fully working about a month back. And really, the maps released with the game were fairly lackluster and lacking in variety (in my opinion). Most were decent for BTB, but not for anything smaller.

    I actually have the map pass which I got with the collectors edition, but I can't be bothered to even download them. There's far too many other new and exciting games currently for me to bother going back to a multiplayer component on a four month old game that never really grabbed me when it came to that aspect. And sadly, this is the first time I've ever felt that way about a Halo game. Here's hoping things improve with the inevitable Halo 5.

      I would like to inquire about the plotholes of which you speak.

        Way to read half of the first sentence and then completely ignore the actual point I was making, Razor. I'm happy to address your question though by listing a few of the plotholes. Again, they're mostly silly things, but here we go. There are obviously spoilers incoming, for those who haven't played it yet.

        *As soon as the Diadact makes his appearance, Cortana knows him by name, even though there is no point previously where she was made aware of who he was.
        *Master Chief's armour is modified (physically) by Cortana while he is in the pod before he wakes up at the start of the game, as stated both by the developers and supplementary material. How can this occur when the pod was not opened between Master Chief getting into the pod at the end of Halo 3 and Cortana releasing him at the start of Halo 4?
        *Not one soldier or Spartan IV is overly surprised to see not only a war hero who previously saved humanity for annihilation who was assumed dead and gone at the end of Halo 3, but believed by most to be the only surviving Spartan II left, suddenly appear on a random planet/shield world they happen to be on?
        *Master Chief sticks the Didact with a Pulse Grenade at the end of the game, which detonates not long afterwards. This occurs despite Pulse Grenades not having the ability to stick to something, as seen both in-game and supplementary material.
        *Cortana is able to create a massive force field around Master Chief to protect him from a nuclear blast occuring IN HIS HANDS and move him outside the collapsing ship, while also manifesting the never-before-seen ability to create a corporeal form and physically touch him, despite being a small fragment of her whole self? You could claim it was due to Cortana reaching Metastability (the final stage of Rampancy) due to her expelling the fragmentations of her personality on the ship, but Metastability has been stated by the developers to not grant any additional abilities or powers, only conscience equal to that of a sentient being.

        Note that Halo 4's campaign is possibly my favourite out of the entire franchise, and the handling of John's and Cortana's relationship as she fell deeper into Rampancy was absolutely fantastic. There were just a few niggles that stood out in particular. :-)

          Sorry about that chief, but you said the magic words. Halo 4 didn't completely satisfy me and I'm still trying to figure out where and why, so any discussion on the subject helps, you know?

          For what it's worth you do have a lot of valid points. Some that I'd never considered.
          So, thanks for the long thoughtout reply!

          Last edited 27/03/13 5:42 am

    Eh, to each his own. I still find multiplayer quite fun to play for a bit here or there. Firstly, the weapon drops being randomised adds to the fun. You still know where they are anyway because the cursor comes up and you and a player have to race to it, which is thrilling.
    I think a lot of old fans are complaining because they're too comfortable with what has been done in the past. Yes, Forge World should've been included earlier. 343i did mention they did screw up a lot of things and will do better next time, so at least they're owning up to it and sort of apologising.
    I also think the bigger maps for smaller things could indeed work well but they're mainly in BTB anyway and if anyone wanted it to work in smaller events, they could just edit in forge to have kill boundaries here or there and play with their mates in those areas. It can be done.

    Wait...your article has a picture of Reach's forge! Come on that's lazy, here's a pic of Forge Island from Halo 4 for you (direct from Waypoint): https://waypointprod.blob.core.windows.net/blogfilestore/storage/blogs/headlines/2013/3/25/paxeast_panel_642x280.jpg?v=1

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