Tomb Raider Has Broken Street Date

You might be a little too late to head over to stores now on this wet Friday night, but we've just gotten word from both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games that Tomb Raider has broken street date.

We've been given the word from two different JB managers that they are selling and EB Games has announced over its Twitter account that it is now selling in stores where it has stock.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    Just got a message from EB about this. At 6pm. On a Friday. Damn them. Oh, wait, JB's still open... times like this I like working late.

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      Now I cant them from ebgames australia anymore because I didnt pre-order, Does anyone know where I can buy a PAL collector's edition of this game? please help!

        ps3 version is what i am looking for.... thanka.

            Thats weird.. last time i checked, the pre-orders in ozgameshop swere "out of stock" and i couldnt order any. thanks i'll snipe this one.

              Yeah I saw the same last week and ordered it from mighty ape (paying about $20 more too). Then I checked OGS a couple of days later and they were back in stock :/

    Now if only the word could be sent to Greenman Gaming and Steam :\

      True that... I got my cd-keys from GMG for Tomb Raider this morning... downloading now but Steam says it still has 2 days 'til unlock. :(

        Yup, got my keys too... ah well, gives me a couple more days with Far Cry 3 :D

    Living in Perth pays off for once!

      Lol. Is perth that bad?

        I reckon' Perth is pretty awesome personally, but each to their own.

          my mate yeah mate just rang me and picked it up! fuck yeah perth! haha. shame i have a wedding down south and then soundwave so it will be tuesday anyway for me! grr!

            I've gotta head to Future Music Festival on Sunday but have gotten a chance to play around 2 hours of the game and it's been pretty intense so far. Definitely worth it ^_^

    How does a game end up breaking street date? Because I'd like to speed up that process for Fire Emblem Awakening

      The retailers have the game in stock but aren't allowed to sell it for usually anywhere between a couple of days to a week so the stock can reach all areas and release simultaneously across all stores. Breaking street date just means they start to hand out or sell the stock before the official release date.
      Seeing as FE:A hasn't shipped yet and won't for some time, you won't see a street date break this early.

        Yes, I'm aware of what breaking street date entails. My question was how can you make them do it?

          You can't make anyone do anything. This happenes usually by accident. It would have been a careless JB/EB employee who sold the game, probably because someone asked for it. The boxes clearly say that the game has a specific release date, and all retailers receive emails and memos informing staff about the embargo/street date. Its just carelessness.

            Then customers come in and complain about why they didn't get the game when someone else did and the retailer has to give EVERYONE the game out of fairness. Then other retailers tend follow suit so they aren't left behind.

            I didn't mean to sound patronising @captain, just the way you phrased your question made it sound like you hoped breaking the street date would be a way to get Fire Emblem released near immediately.

    Tempted to go get PC version, even though I know I can't play it until it unlocks on Tuesday! :'(

    Have fun, though! Can't wait to play!

      Pc version is about $45 via green man gaming, 20% litres off that promo key still works.

      Getting it less than half price is a decent pay off for waiting an extra few days i think.

        I got mine for $36 from GMG.

          Yep same. $45, and the promo code for an extra 20% off = $36. Pretty decent price.

            Got mine for $34.95 from I used to always go for GMG before.. and it is good to see that for some titles they are doing good prices still.. but after that debacle last year (or whenever), I am going elsewhere first and GMG second.

      I grabbed PC and was tempted to pick up a console version to play it immediately. But nontheless I shall wait. Will be much better quality on pc.

    I couldn't find the collector's edition anywhere but I got lucky and managed to order a copy on

    At least I hope their Web site is correct, :-S.

      Fishpond is seying they *still* have the CE in stock...

      That being said after being said I'll believe it when my copy arrives as the last CE i ordered from them that they claimed was still in stock was Ni No Kuni.... took them 5 weeks to say it was Out of Stock + refund <.

      ozgameshop was a bargain for collectors edition for $75

      Only trouble is that ozgameshop is based in the UK. You'll be waiting a while for it to arrive.

        Waiting i can deal with...

        Waiting and then finding out you were waiting for sold out merchandise? =/ Thats infuriating xD

    The JB up the street just shut...... plus I probably wouldn't be able to play the PC version.

    I think if a game is out in the US, It should be sold here as soon as the companies get the copies in the shop

      Not that it seems to matter much these days but street dates exists so that one company does not have an advantage over another should they receive stock first.

        Thats whats annoying, It should be about the gamer getting a game as soon as its ready to be sold, Not one company bitching that they may sell a day later.

          But that just doesn't work... for business.

    Dammit. I order this from Ozgameshop...

    At least I'll get my collectors edition.

    no PC version? :( am sad

      It's on the shelf, I just went to my local JB. Unfortunately it requires steam works.... so no play until the 5th.

    Gmg still haven't sent the keys for preload yet damnit

      check your emails. Whenever i pre order through gmg, it sends the key straight away.

      You know, so you can stare at it in your steam library & Wait for the pre load to star there :p

      With GMG, I think you can login to your account and view all your purchased keys.

    Just picked up a copy from jb, let the good times roll!

    Did some shopping after work and happened to call in eb, grabbed it straight away. NOM NOM NOM

      You're suppose to play it, not eat it!

        Excellent point. The instruction manual is gone though.

    Nah they've only sent the order confirmation so far, from twitter it looks like they won't be getting keys till release day

      I got my keys from GMG almost straight after I ordered, I've already redeemed them and it's preloading right now.

    Has anyone tested to see if the PC version works yet?

      It doesn't. It requires steam, so it won't unlock till Tuesday.

    Hooray for the return of street breaks! Its like 2011 all over again!

    That was lame! I got a message at 6:05 that I could pick it up. Despite the fact that the store closes at 5:30. Or the fact that I was at the gym and didn't read the message until 7. I also can't pick the game up on the weekend.

    And I'm the sucker who keeps preordering it, asking for it to be delivered to my house.
    Sure I don't have to go anywhere, but now I'm getting it a week later than everyone else.

    Saw this on their site at 4:30, left straight away Too bad the traffic to Mt Ommaney was so backed up I missed out anyway. Oh well, raiding tomorrow!
    And yes, an SMS at ten past five is not helpful, EBGames.

      Cool. I live here. We should be best friends!

    Blown me away so far. Glad I avoided reviews and trailers. Kinda has an uncharted feel but more gritty and looks better IMO. My initial impressions is 9/10. Some QTE's took a point away ;)

    Currently at work and unable to check but is this working for people who got the game on steam?

    Tomb Raider cannot be installed yet, because it is not yet released.

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