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The Wii U: I don't think anyone could legitimately say it's performing to Nintendo's expectations. Sales have been slow — very slow — but Shigeru Miyamoto isn't too worried yet apparently. 'Yet' being the operative word.

We've seen some screenshots of Star Wars: Battleground, the game Lucasarts wanted to take on the Call of Duties of the world, but now there is leaked footage. Check it out here...

This is why one DSi community is upset at Nintendo, this is some pretty awkward product placement for the PS Vita, and Apollo Justice is coming Ace Attorney. He's wearing bandages for some reason.

In Short Leaked Footage Of Star Wars' Newest Take On Battlefield And Call Of Duty Why One DSi Community Is Upset At Nintendo Right Now Say There, Is That An Awkward Product Placement Starring A PS Vita? Shigeru Miyamoto Is Not Too Worried About The Wii U Just Yet Apollo Justice Is Coming To Ace Attorney 5, But in Bandages


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