Boring Tower Defence Game Spices Things Up With Poop

Boring Tower Defence Game Spices Things Up With Poop
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I don’t care for carrots. I don’t enjoy eating carrots. Throughout my lifetime, the few times I would knowingly eat carrots is when I’m consuming bahn mi, curry, or pot pies. Luckily, my disdain for carrots is only in the real world because saving carrots is literally the point of this tower defence game — Carrot Fantasy.

Like every single tower defence game before it, Carrot Fantasy requires the player to protect a “tower” from various waves of baddies. In this case, instead of the proverbial tower, the object of protection is a googly-eyed carrot.

Developed by Chinese developers LuoBo (Carrot) the game is graphically adorable. The game is very cute. The monsters aren’t scary or menacing, they’re cute, the maps are colourful and fluffy and the music is peppy.

Unfortunately that’s the most I can describe the game, because it’s pretty much like every tower defence game. Why this game is insanely popular in China escapes my mind. It’s not like the game is terrible or broken, it’s just so bland.

Perhaps the only redeeming factor that I can find in the game is in it’s tower defenders. The player gets to choose from 18 different towers, ranging from pesticide bottles to fish bones, however my favourite one of all is the poo-cannon. One tower is pretty much just a pile of poop that shoots poop.

Each tower can also be upgraded three times. On top of that they can be used to destroy the terrain to free up more space for extra towers.

Carrot Fantasy is available on iOS and Android. The iOS version is available in English. There are micro-transactions that all for the unlocking of levels.


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