Normal Human Beings Likely Won't Play The Xbox One Like This

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studio's vice president, has a relationship with games that seems kind of terrifying. VideoGamerTV recreates it here, and it may give us an early glimpse at what using the full extent of the Xbox One's capabilities may be like.

Seriously though: do any of you actually play games like that? I can barely listen to music while writing!

The Xbox One Experience ( [VideoGamerTV]


    Who watches TV and listens to music at the same time?

    I regularly listen to music whilst gaming especially when playing minecraft or hotlapping in Forza or playing Madden... so?

      Yes, but in games or shows where you actually need to pay attention to sounds or what is being said, for that matter, it isn't so easy.

      Now you've just got to also watch TV and converse with friends simultaneously.

      music is one thing, because its not visual and replaces the game soundtrack.
      watching tv is something completely different as you now have 2 visual stimuli competing for your attention.

    If I'm playing Saints Row the third I pump the Bee Gees through the 360 because my character looks like Barry Gibb.

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