Watch Six Minutes Of Watch Dogs Gameplay

With Watch Dogs it was practically love at first sight for me. Now, as more info and footage leaks I'm starting to get a real feeling that Watch Dogs will represent the culmination of all Ubisoft has learned about third person action games over the last decade, placed into a truly interesting open-universe. That's quite exciting.

The high concept is a boon, and I hope they stay true to it. My only worry is that the idea of hacking on the fly, messing around with tech and suchlike, and dumbed down in place of explosions. I'm looking for something a little slicker and high end.

Still Watch Dogs continues to look pretty special.



    Open question for anyone paying more attention than me: do we know yet how different the current-gen version will be from the next-gen version of this game?

      From what I understand, all the core gameplay and whatnot is untouched; the extra processing power is used to increase the density of people in the city, lighting and particle effects, etc.

        Well that's good to know. I doubt I'll be getting the next Xbox until next year and I'd really prefer to play this game at launch before the internet ruins it for me.

      The real question I want answered is if the PC and PS4 versions are equivalent.

        Not possible in anyway except PS4 being the low/medium setting of the PC settings. Remember PS4 will be using AMD APU chip which is probably equivalent to a GTX660 in terms of graphical power but the resources are split for PS4 processing and graphical which brings it down to almost GTX650.

        A single top tier gfx cost more than a console so don't expect console to ever win PC except in the future where they allow console gfx to be upgraded like PC.

        EDIT: Not including bad console to PC port games where console wins lol

        Just my opinion :)

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          I'm thinking more along the lines of them putting more effort into the PS4 version that the PC. Or they basically do a straight port to the PS4 version.

            Ah I see. I believe watch dogs is build with pc and ported over to the rest. Fingers crossed ps4 should be able to perform well since the architecture is similar.

    That's pretty impressive. Though I would hope there's a little bit more to the stealth when you take down the guards. Been playing hitman and having to hide the bodies is fun lol.

      When he takes down the guard at the gate he is in full view of another guard about 50 metres away. Kind of stupid. Still the game does look very good. I hope it's given all the development time it needs to be a great game.

        That's what I was noticing too. So I'm hoping you have the opportunity, or even moreso, that you HAVE to hide the bodies to be more stealthy. It seems in a game like this it should be necessary?

          I totally agree. Maybe they're worried that all the GTA kids will find the stealth gameplay boring?

    Didnt think it would be possible but I am WAY more hyped about this game than GTAV. and I love me some GTA. And lucky me gets to go to the Ubisoft press conf in E3 so I will hopefully get to check out a little more of this gem.. So freaking hyped right now.

    "The uploader has not made this video available."

      Yup video has been removed in the last ~half an hour :(

        boo, I wanted to watch this when I got home :(

          Dear sirs.
          Just follow the source link where, at the time of writing, there is still a working copy of the video up.

          Sorry it's a bit late, but here's an alternate upload! :D

            Thank you for posting this mate. You are a true saint :)

    aaaaaaaargh! why can't i watch this? so disappointed...

    A friend of mine made a comment about wanting to try and "Doctor [Who]" their way through the game. That is: refuse to use guns so as to increase the required guile. It then became apparent to me that this is the best Dr Who game ever! Your phone is essentially a souped-up Sonic Screwdriver! Totally looking forward to this way more now.

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