Nine Minutes Of New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay

We're a month away from release of Watch Dogs, and to celebrate, the folks at Ubisoft have released this new chunk of multiplayer gameplay footage. Check it out above.

It's like GTA V with hacking. And dogs.

Watch Dogs is out on May 27 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Ubisoft says the Wii U version will come later this year.


    I am sooooooo pumped for this game, it looks
    freaking amazing.

    It seems that with all the awesome it still ends up being GTA at the end of the day.

    Wow the pistols sound terrible, not average. Terrible.

    Wasn't too impressed with the video to start with but that end co op mission!! Looked like an awesome action movie!! Oh yeah I'm excited!

    haha, kinda call you out a bit - their tagline for their story is "Watch Dogs is more than just GTA with hacking"

      This world would be a better place without ninemsn and and may not have the stories about three headed babies and women who went to hospital because they had a fifteen week orgasm but at least they have actually feature stories of some import to the public at large...

      Last edited 24/04/14 12:22 pm


        What an identity crisis. Sometimes it's serious news, other times it has ridiculous stuff from twitter and sometimes it seems like hipsters are writing it or people trying to be 'cool'.
        Really puts me off whenever I read it.

    Looks great, but the sound design is absolutely terrible. The cars and the weapons sound so underpowered.

    Cant wait for this game! Looks awesome!

      And I remain skeptical. The last game that had this 'connected" feel and potential for me was SimCity.

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