Compare The Look Of The Newest Smash Bros. Game To The Old One

Lots of attention — some of it creepy — has been paid to all the new characters coming to the fourth instalment of Nintendo’s all-star beat-em-up. It’s great that the Animal Crossing villager, Wii Fit trainer and Mega Man are getting people excited. But there’s another reason to get hyped: this Smash will be in hi-def. That means a heightened visual approach to the characters you already know and love.

YouTuber Master0fHyrule has spliced together from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the newly-previewed Super Smash Bros update and compares how Mario, Samus, Pit and other Nintendo royalty look in both games. Mario actually looks more cartoony in the upcoming game while Samus’ armour looks more streamlined — with smaller shoulders — than it used to. What differences are you seeing?


  • Looks amazing! I’m always amazed at what Nintendo can pull off with 1/3 of the performance of the competition. Always so clean and smooth.

  • I prefer the look of brawl mario. There’s just something I love about that denim. Also, it seems that they made kirby pinker and pikachu yellower

    • I prefer the detailed denim, too. It gave Mario a much “moodier” look without having to change anything else, and it really fit into the game’s atmosphere well.
      Also, Prime Samus > Other M Samus.

  • Looks like they’re increased the resolution (obviously) and the polygon count to match but decreased the level of detail (everything looks much sharper but also much more simple and basic). At least that’s how Mario, Link and (to a slightly lesser extent) Samus look. Pit looks great though. The others are hard to tell as they’re not in-game images but Bowser at least looks like the same deal (higher-res, lower detail from that comparison).

    Then again maybe I’m just tired and not paying enough attention, Brawl was one of the few Wii games I spent insane amounts of time playing so I can’t wait to see what this one’s like first-hand.

  • I’m dubious as to how the game is going to play with the gamepad. Playing brawl with the wiimote and nunchuck really doesnt work too well (I bought 3 cheap GC controllers to play it with friends). Is this something that people will need to fork out a bit more for the pro controller? Or are they pushing the online aspect a bit more? Will be interesting 🙂

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