This Is What The PlayStation 4 Looks Like

Sony didn't really reveal the PS4 at its February unveiling, because the PS4 itself wasn't shown. Maybe the design wasn't ready, maybe Sony was just holding out, doesn't matter, because today we finally got a look at the thing.

It's a black box. Just like you asked for!



      It's basically a straight up clone of the Xbox One.. It even has Kinect too!

      Failing that it looks like a Ps2 just bigger

        kinect is technically a clone of the eyetoy, thought i might bring that up. Also the xbone is a clone of my old VCR, food for thought

    I don't understand why anyone cares.

    If it fits in a standard cabinet and is a neutral colour, what more do you really need?

    It's got that nice PS2 look to it. As long as I can still flip the playstation logo on the front if I've got it standing or lying down, I'll be happy

      you won't be happy then... looks like the logo is printed/encraved ;)

        welp, back to lynching sony then


    So you turn an Xbox One on it's side and you get a PS4?

    I actually prefer upright consoles, so this gets a bis thumbs up from me.

      In the image I'm looking at it looks upright to me.

        He's saying it's upright, the way he prefers. I'm sure you can keep it horizontal, by the model held up in the conference.

    It looks like it'll transform...

    It better transform!

    both next gen console look horrible but what else can we expect when the guts are basically a PC in disguise?

    First version anyway. the slims will probably look better as it has in the past.

    Good to see the console market is at least consistent if nothing else. Another boring black box, lets hope they put that product design money somewhere useful...

      Nintendo tried to do something different with the game cube and everyone scoffed. Electronics are black or white boxes. People say they want different but They don't.

      Last edited 11/06/13 12:45 pm

        It can be a black box... just make it an interesting looking and stylish black box.

    I like! It looks awesome. All new consoles look kind of similar.

    I especially like the cool glowing(?) blue line in the center.

    What's the smaller box on the right?

    i actually really like it. its not as flashy as the Blackest Black that could ever be Black in the history of Black that the XBone is.

    looks like Metal Gear REX! I love it lol can't wait for the grey/white versions!!! :D

    I actually prefer the Frankenteaser concept.

    Looks a bit like the Xbox One except vertical with a cross and a bit of blue.

    i kinda like it. at least it looks modern.

    Looks slick and Sexy. Smaller then the Xbone.

    It would be fantastic if they take design cues from the Xperia division... I hope that LED colour is customisable!

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